#20 - Beauty Edit - Cosmetic Jolse HAUL

So much joy when you buy a lot of stuff and they all come at once and you just spend time rummaging through and trying to decide what you want to use first! Maybe I should start with this because I'm almost done with this type of product....or maybe THIS because it just looks SO pretty!

Which one are you? I think most people are both and I'm so excited to share this K-Beauty haul from Cosmetic Jolse with you. 

As with most hauls, it's just gonna be straight forward and I'll put product names below :)

So let's get this out the way first, I've spent USD 153.80 (~GBP 120) on my order. That's right, I spent so much that I qualified for international EMS Shipping. And a shed load of samples. Oh this makes me so happy even when I'm broke AF.

Most of the products I've gotten this time are completely new to me. The only ones that aren't are the innisfree bamboo masks, which was on sale and some of my favourite masks ever (and I ordered enough to bump myself over the threshold for free international EMS shipping). Really excited to review all these other products for you so keep your eyes peeled!

Product List:

  1. CLIO Micro Fessional Cleansing Oil Balm 80ml
  2. Husley Cream Anti-Gravity 50ml
  3. Wish Formula Optima 7 Pad 50 sheets
  4. Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (Bamboo) (3 sheets per pack)
  5. Petitfree Resurrection Plant Soothing Gel Mask (10 pieces)
  6. Skin Watches Enzyme Powder Wash 60g
  7. Purebees Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream 50ml
  8. Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam 150g
  9. Heimish Refresh Water 365ml
  10. SkinFood Pineapple Peeling Gel 100ml

And now....make no mistake, these are SAMPLES

I bought so much that Jolse put in a lot of samples in my box. Including that handcream. I can't wait for a time where I travel and have some of these in my kit! I'm terrible with samples as I'm such a hoarder - literally stash everything away until I actually absolutely have to use it.

Have you bought from Jolse? What was your experience? I'm going to try to buy from different sites and eventually bring out a post of different ecommerce platforms available. I may not be able to cover all of them (also without sufficient funds) but will do my best to cover how I feel about some of these sites that offer a wide range of products, to smaller, independent sites that may not stock a huge variety.

Til next time!