#38 - Skin Edit - Mask Haul!

Is it weird that it pleases me to buy a shed ton of masks because I've finished using mine? Or close to anyway, saving some of those "special" ones for a rainy day....? Brand new spanking masks to try! It's always a gamble though because I won't actually know how good the mask is until I try it and if ain't good, then all of it goes down the drain.... So I bought 3 boxes of new ones from this brand called Haruharu - fingers crossed! All below are purchased from Cosmetic Jolse

some stickers that comes with the Haruharu multi-buy

some stickers that comes with the Haruharu multi-buy

What they look like individually

What they look like individually

I've used the Petitfee Resurrection Plant soothing mask and absolutely loved it (highly recommend!)  so naturally taking advantage of the Black Friday sales, I ordered the other one in the mask series, which is the Silk Amino Serum Mask. The Plant Resurrection one is ultra moisturising and brightening. I can vouch for the ultra moisturising part (so, so gloriously moisturising!!) and it's now one of my favs! Since I have the Haruharu moisturising mask though I decided to skip on the Petitfee this time.

The silk amino serum mask looks like it's for anti-aging, using silk amino acids (silk) and this plant that is actually widely used in Chinese/asian medicine. Now, I know the Chinese name for it, so had to look up the English, which is (according to wikipedia) Ophiocordyceps Sinensis (or "vegetable worm" on the packaging). This is a fungus found in mountainous regions and parasitises larvae of ghost moths and produces a fruiting body which is used and valued as herbal remedy. For remedy, this type of plant is known for it's warm qualities, aiding energy, anti-oxidant and anti-aging, along with anti-bacterial and stress reducing.

These Haruharu masks are most intriguing when it comes to the packaging - I absolutely love the art work on the cover! I got the Moistursing, Vitality and lifing. These uses fermented horse fat - which I love in beauty products as they have done wonders for my skin! Unfortunately I couldn't find more English translated description on the box - think it's time for me to learn Korean....! Looking at the ingredients list the moisturising one contains hyaluronic acid, niacinimide, bark extracts, fruits extract, flower extracts and root extracts. The Lifting one contains collagen and various plant extracts. And the Vitality one contains root extracts, bark extracts, and sesame seed extracts. Although they all boast about the fermented horse fat ingredient, it's actually the last of the ingredient list!

So these would be interested and should last for a while. Being poorly really throws you off with scheduling and taking care of yourself so one of the things I need to get back to doing is masking more often! I do love masking though I do find it a little difficult to make the time for it - maybe I should come up with an effective/efficient way for working people to get a full skincare routine done! Still trying to figure mine out...!

#10: Beauty Edit - YesStyle Haul

So a while ago I've bought a shed load of products from YesStyle.co.uk as I wasn't happy with my Liz Earle Toner and wanted to check out some Korean Beauty ones. I was just in time for some final clearance, sales and etc. (they do them every now and then too, which is amazing, but bad at the same time because, well, wallet suffers). When ordering from YesStyle, be sure to check when your product will be dispatched or you will end up waiting a long time for your order to get here if something takes 21 days to have stock! Without further ado, here are the things I've ordered.

Disclaimer: post contains affiliate links. You don't have to use them but it helps me out a little if you do :) Yesstyle is also currently doing a 60% off sale on Korean Beauty Products, what good timing AND if you're a first time buyer/user you can use YESSTYLE for 10% off your first order.

I've opened the makeup and tested/swatched them a little, so here are my 2c on these products!

1. Beauty People 10 Seconds Auto Pencil Liner

Words can't describe how essential these are in my day to day routine, so it's amazing that they do this kind of liner in such a variety of colours. The bad news is that you'd want to get every single one of them. It says pencil, but really feel more like gel because of just how smooth they go on the skin, and how you can smudge it out. You don't need to sharpen it like a pencil and it comes with its own lil sharpener at the end of the liner.

I got these in Real Black, Real Brown, Diamond Brown and Diamond Burgundy. Real Black and Real Brown are my staples, and the diamond brown and diamond burgundy looked really nice too and I've recently smudged out the diamond burgundy and it sat on my lids like eyeshadow and it's a really nice colour to wear with a black eyeliner.

These babies are smooth and so rich in colour; they just glide over your lids - I was taken by surprise that I could create a wing liner effect with these. I take it for granted how good Korean makeup is when it comes to the basics!

2. touch in SOL Metallist Liquid Foil and Glitter Shadow Duo (#5 Lottie)

This was the reason why my whole shipment took ages to get here. I have to reiterate, if the product you're ordering isn't immediately in stock or will be within your desired time frame, it won't be dispatched until the product gets there. I was waiting on this one for the longest as it takes max 21 days to be in stock. Now, I knew this when I was ordering, but for those who are just as impatient as me....this is definitely something to keep in mind.

I've never been a huge fan of glittery stuff, but this came in a colour that was subtle and I knew I could use it pretty often as part of a daily makeup look. You can use the foil (liquid eyeshadow) on its own, as well as using the product as intended, where you apply the glitter on top. As long as you're not going crazy and apply the glitter on little by little, there isn't actually much fall out. 

This is really pretty but isn't too "out there", but also buildable. This colour I went with goes well with so many other colours as it's more of a muted tone.

3. Bbi@ Last Lipstick Series 2 (#6)

This was a bit of a disappointment because the colour is lighter than the colour in the image. It's still a nice lipstick, but I also have another hundred of lipsticks of similar shades. I will be likely to mix this with a darker shade to create another colour, or to use it in the centre of the lips as a "highlight" on the lips. It goes on quite nice, but definitely isn't a "moisturising" lipstick, also it's matte, so if you have dry lips like me, I'd recommend applying lip balm, then blot off, before applying this lipstick. It is quite smooth though so it goes on the lips really nicely.

4. the SAEM Cover Perfection Pot Concealer (Clear Beige & Rich Beige)

I was really looking forward to these because I've seen some pretty good things said about this product, also there is a bit of delusion in thinking that I could get these instead of the amazing NARS pot concealers that they've come out with. Honestly, this is far from a dupe but they aren't bad at all. In face, they are easy to blend (I mix both colours) amongst themselves as well as on the skin/foundation. Nice and creamy too. As a concealer they're pretty powerful. I wish they came in darker shades and one in peachy tone too as I definitely would have gotten a darker shade to mix with the lighter throughout the year, and peachy one to do any acne and under-eye correction. I still have to test this more often so keep your eyes peeled!

5. MacQueen Waterproof Pen Eyeliner

Your standard liquid liner, but the black is so black it's amazing. Very smooth, very black, everything that I'd want in a liquid eyeliner, this has. Unlike the felt tip ones, this kind of brush gives you continuous colour (when it hasn't dried out at least!) as you're applying it and you can build it up like I've done because I seemingly have no control over my hands and can't really draw my eyeliner in one go like all the other beauty gurus. Video below and images above are taken after I've tidied the liner a little more - normally I have my contacts in when doing this but my eye wasn't having it when I filmed it so had to do without and thus I am practically blind when doing it. But it isn't too different from how I'd normally do it - I have my good liner days and bad liner days, this is one of the bad ones.

All in all, I really like this eyeliner and have now abandoned the eyeliners I've been using, also because they've kind of dried up anyway... All liquid liners should be like this - jet black, buildable without problems and gives good control over the line even when the user may not have good control at all!

6. Toners

PROUD MARY - Triple Water Zone Deep Moist Solution
SKIN79 - AragoSpa Aqua Toner
COSRX - AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

Because who only needs one toner? And also the moiturising ones were on final clearance, and it's a good thing I got both as they have very different textures. Proud Mary is a lot thicker than Skin79 - I've never really used such a thick toner before and recently have tried using it for the 7 skin method. Must say that I'm pleasantly surprised - albeit my current toner from Liz Earle is quite a let down on its own when it comes to hydration. This Proud Mary one is relatively thick and it's got some "super water" in the ingredients: 1) Deep Ocean Water; 2) Glacial Milk; 3) Sparkling water (from Italy). It's weird 'cause I think I smell alcohol in this toner (some toners have it), but it doesn't actually look like the ingredients contain alcohol, so I suspect the smell is from the herb extracts that they've also included in this product. It's not difficult to pat this product in and the 7 skin method worked well with this too; in fact it's recommended that you massage this into your face like some kind of cream, probably due to how thick the texture is. I'm really excited to have this, also sad that it was on clearance, so will have to save it on my wish list for the time being.

The Skin79 toner is thicker than your normal toner, but isn't as thick like gel like the Proud Mary toner. This is definitely more of your everyday toner that isn't too heavy, but still keeps the skin hydrated. I haven't used a skin79 product in ages (since their BB cream which was a little too thick for me as a BB cream), so I'm pleasantly surprised to how far they've developed their skincare line and it seems like they've expanded their brand into the UK with UK beauty ecom sites stocking their brand. This toner is suitable for all skin types whereas the Proud Mary toner is great for people with dehydrated skin like me - though to be honest, I feel like this product is suitable for all skin types anyway. The Aragospa Aqua Toner says it contains "Jeju Aragonite thermal water" and a "multi-layered water wall technology" which brings balance between water and oil within the skin. Unfortunately it's really hard to tell whether it really works unless you use this consecutively for an extended period of time, but as this is a hydrating toner, it's good for the skin either way.

EDIT: both the Proud Mary and Skin79 toner do contain alcohol. I'm not in favour of having alcohol in toners and if you don't want alcohol in your toners I would stray away from these. However they have been very moisturising as well and I haven't had problems using these on my face aside from the smell of alcohol in my Proud Mary toner.

Finally, COSRX - this would be my first COSRX product, shamefully admitting to this. This toner has been raved by so many Asian Beauty bloggers that I just had to get my hands on one to try it out. I'm currently using the Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner as part of my evening routine and it's got salicylic acid to help exfoliation and control my spot problem (not effective against hormonal acne!), and have always used a more acidic/exfoliating toner in the evening, so this COSRX one would be my next evening toner. This COSRX toner contains both glycolic and salicylic acid, which means you'll get surface and under the surface exfoliation, typical in controlling whiteheads and blackheads. I do not condone pore strips whatsoever and would recommend chemical exfoliation and claymasks rather than damaging the surface of the skin with pore strips - I've been there before and my poor pores have enlarged due to tugging and since then I've relied on YouTube for those blackhead videos rather than observing my own. Anyway, because the acids are in the toner, it's not going to be as strong as actual AHA/BHA peels or the Nip & Fab glycolic pads, hence you can use it everyday without too much issues. If your skin is highly sensitive and reacts to this, please stop using it!

And thus conclude my long post about my haul! Have you used any of these products before, or will you be trying any of these? Do you prefer other products or recommend something else? Let me know in the comments below or stalk me at @jayey12 on instagram!