#40 - Skin Edit - Sh*t my partner says about my acne

So today's post is late because I've had my wisdom tooth extracted and have been sat in a daze all day, popping paracetamol and panicking about the bleeding in my mouth. As I am writing this, I am also hoping that the paracetamol will last until I have to take them next...

Anyway, on a lighter note, here are 5 things my partner says about my acne.

Don't misunderstand the title and this context and before anyone goes, "well he should be supportive", he is, just not a huge fan of spots and to be honest, neither am I. But as someone who constantly has them, I find that having a sense of humour about them is really the best way to go about it before I pop them (yes, I pop my spots. No, it's not good and you shouldn't do it. No, I can't help it and besides, my clumsy ass would have popped them somehow one way or another.)

So anyway, here are 5 things my partner says about my spots that I definitely laughed about

1. "Percy"

This is now the name of my spot(s). Especially when it's a large one.

2. Please pop that darling, he's winking at me

My partner encourages me to pop them (N.B. if you have to pop them, do it properly and get it all out). The next 3 are 

3. But he doesn't have a passport, he can't get on the plane!

This was when we were on holiday in Iceland, on the last day, when I had a giant one erupted on my face. Thank you silica mud mask for drawing all the toxins out.

4. C'mon darling, you have to get rid of that, L hasn't made a bed for him

When we were en route down south to Cornwall for Christmas and there was a possibility that there wasn't a spare bed for my spot

5. How can I miss him, he's been staring at me all night

When I naively asked if my spot was really that obvious

Thought I would keep this short and sweet because it is time for me to eat. I am absolutely starving because I'm not allowed solid foods.

What are some funny things that other people have said about your acne, if any?