#30 - Beauty Edit - 5 (more) beauty mistakes that I've made

You've read the first 5, here's another 5 for good measures!

1. Forgetting the neck and chest

The skin around your neck and chest are the same kind of skin on your face, so you should never neglect these 2 ares. I'll be honest, I still do forget sometimes, but most times I do remember and apply products, mask residue, and cream on these areas.

The neck is the easiest to show age - so more care should be taken!

2. Not moisturising enough before makeup

It really was until I started doing more and more shoots and applying thicker and thicker makeup to my skin that I notice how crucial it is for the skin to be hydrated and moisturised. Essentially because my skin is so much softer, plumper and smoother, it means that products cling on to the skin a lot better too. I definitely noticed the difference when I used a full coverage foundation with hydrated skin and slightly not-so-hydrated skin. 

Perhaps it's just me, but that full coverage foundation patched a lot less on my skin when it's properly prepped beforehand, which is something important you should do especially with heavy makeup! 

3. Applying too much makeup

There is such thing and you know it too. You know, layering on too much foundation on top of foundation, powder after powder, concealer on top of concealer

Look, if you need the coverage, then by all means, go ahead! But you should probably let each layer "dry" first before applying the 2nd later so it's gripped on to the skin first.

The instagram trend these days are the full coverage look and honestly, I've tried it, it looks ridiculous in real life (but amazing in pictures!) unless it's just incredibly well done, well blended and etc. But let's face it, most of us aren't, so let's stick with bit by bit!

4. Not using Serums

Yeah I don't know what I was thinking; probably thought, well, I can probably get away with it. You won't. And when you start using proper ampoules and serums, you will thank me for it. You can layer on thinner serums on to your skin, followed by thicker ones.

5. Not using eye cream

Again, not sure what I was thinking, but you should really use it. Eyes have much thinner skin than the rest of the body so... always apply a reasonable amount of eye cream around the eyes and anything excess? around the nose and mouth! It's never too soon to be doing anti-aging things!

Do you make these mistakes too, or is it really just me....?