#37 - Skin Edit - Blue Lagoon, Iceland

So I finally have a chance to sit down to write this... I was going to prepare a travel packing blog for last week for whilst I'm away (and hence packed for travel - carry on only!), but bottled it as I didn't think it was a worthy enough content. Also it was a lot of new products I was trying so don't want to put it out there before I actually tried and tested them.

Last week, I was in Iceland - I must have missed the memo about this place because it's so popular but the hubs and I were a little "meh" about it. Probably because of how expensive everything actually was...! Nevertheless, I bring you this week's blog and share a little part of that holiday, which is the Blue Lagoon.

You've seen the instagram pictures, you've heard about amazing things it does for the skin and here is my take. I wish my phone camera hasn't broken though to get more images...but it has so I'm afraid I don't have many images! I should really look into getting that phone camera fixed....

So, Blue Lagoon. Known for beauty properties, highly popular geothermal spa in Iceland. It's practically a luxury spa with the number of treatments and amenities available there and rightly so! It is really lovely soaking in the warm water in the winter (although your face may freeze). 

The water averages at around 37°C I believe, and is rich in minerals, particularly silica and sulfur and bathing in it supposedly boost collagen and just make you all beautiful and all that. And it's fun because you don't just have to sit there and even when it's busy, it's big enough to not be invading each others' private space.


I honestly don't think I need to sell you this place, but here are a few things that I think to know in advance

  1. bring a swimsuit: no brainer, but remember that you have to shower before putting your swimsuit on before you can get in
  2. tie your hair up: although if you decide to float like I did, this goes right out the window
  3. don't bother with makeup: I know we're all about the instagram life and posting images and etc and believe me, I wore makeup too, and I saw plenty of girls with makeup... but in hindsight, I really wish I didn't wear makeup, or at least wiped it all off before going in to get the full benefit of the mud mask!
  4. definitely use the silica mud mask: because if you were to buy it, it is hella expensive for a small tube!! I used the mud mask liberally on myself and the hubs....TWICE during the 5 hours we were soaking in there!
  5. bring moisturiser: I don't know why I haven't thought of this, but whilst the thermal pool doesn't dry your skin out and my skin actually felt okay, not stripped dry or feeling tight, I still wish I brought this with me...'cause there ain't any in the changing rooms
  6. consider upgrading your package, or bring a towel: because to hire one is 400 ISK. Yes, for a towel. and 1400 ISK for a bath room. No, I'm not joking. A little upgrade will get you the algae mask and 1st drink of your choice too so in hindsight, that would be what I'd do
  7. entry is expensive: it is, and pre-booking is necessary, but soak in the spring long enough and using the mask liberally will make you feel like you got your money's worth - Iceland is an expensive place in general so....
  8. everything you need to know about the Blue Lagoon is on the internet

Just a little note on the silica mud mask....if you do want to purchase it, get it at the airport, where it is duty free. If you try to buy it outside of Iceland, It costs more than double. You thought it was pricey at the store, it gets even more expensive when you leave the country...!!


Super unflattering image of me but nonetheless, lathering that silica mud mask on. This mask is no doubt one of the best mud masks I've ever used and whilst I get why it's so expensive, if you have the cash, by all means, go ahead, but I am going to look for dupes.

Reason why this is special is because the silica mask from the Blue Lagoon is special. The ones in the tube may be processed further but this mud that I scooped out of the tub is probably the OG mud. This mask has done amazing for my skin and I know because the hubs actually noticed how good my skin looked. Pore-less appearance because of how deep cleansing it is - no blackheads left whatsoever - and skin doesn't lose moisture either. The whole age-defying thing? Yeah I can totally see this mask doing the job. I don't think this mask can do any wrong in my mind, just the sheer price of it! I don't think my skin has ever felt that clean ever, even with my favourite Kiehl's rare earth mud mask.

This goes to show that mud masks are effective, so time to go find a dupe for it! I've seen on facebook and instragram this "Sand & Sky" mud mask - has anyone tried it and how do you find it?

If you go to Iceland, I would definitely recommend spending a morning or a good chunk of your day at the Blue Lagoon. It's a good place to just chill out and enjoy yourself and definitely, definitely use the masks!