#28 - Huxley - Secret of Sahara: Anti-Gravity [Impression]

So recently I've emptied my horse oil moisturiser and dove into buying a more...pricey moisturiser. Huxley has always been on my list to try and this moisturiser does not disappoint!

I really feel like I'm really late to the k-beauty game but at the same time there is so much to learn about these different brands and I'm really pleased that they are (somewhat) accessible.

So just a short first impression to this product.

I love it.

Yeah, that's it, really! I'm really fond of this - I still haven't come across a moisturiser that makes me think wowholy grail! Yet. Whilst this isn't a holy grail for me yet but I would happily buy another tub of this when I empty it.

This cream is formulated with organic sahara cactus oil (so it says) to strengthen the skin and creating a lifted and plumped appearance. With the amount of hydration it gives, you can feel the difference. Lifting though, is another story - I'm sure that will take some time! 

This cream is rich, yet light and not oily and keeps your skin moisturised. You don't need a lot of this for your whole face either, which is great because...well, you can use it for longer. I have sensitive, acne prone and oily skin and this hasn't fuelled my skin to break out, nor did my skin became dehydrated again after a while - it happens when I try gel moisturisers, which clearly are not "strong" enough fro my dehydrated skin!

The smell is light but not artificially fragrant but it does have a really lovely smell that doesn't overwhelm you. It's always a such a treat to use this last in my routine. 

This cream is easily absorbed, but does not clog. Although I do layer on serums and ampoules and masks beforehand, I still feel that this cream makes a difference when it comes to hydrating, and locks all the good stuff in well.

I'm definitely keen to try other products from the same brand! I got this from Cosmetic Jolse. They do some really sweet deals from time to time and stock many different asian beauty brands. Definitely check them out and if you have a haul, show me! I want to see what you've got.