#31 - Skin Edit - What dehydrated skin does to you...

Because we're all fans of lists right ;) so here are more! My skin has been so dehydrated lately I just have this urge to talk about it now. Listing a few things I've experienced with dehydrated skin and how it affects me as a human and routines I added in/amended to help fixing the products. I will cover products next week to make it more focused/structured :)

1. Oily skin

So here's the thing, dehydrated skin and oily skin are 2 different things and you can still have oily skin when your skin is dehydrated. Essentially dehydrated skin is not determined my genes, i.e. not permanent, whereas dry skin is (how I understand it is how much oil your skin secretes). My genes dictate that I have oily skin, so when my skin is dehydrated, it starts to secrete oil in attempt to "moisturise" itself, which is...not really ideal. If you're in the same boat as I am, then we are looking at restoring that balance between water and oil in the skin so it doesn't secrete facial oil and cause you other skin troubles.

2. Flaky makeup

Personally I think dehydrated skin is one of the main factors to why makeup doesn't "stick". I've learnt from a young age that you need to prep your skin before makeup application but never quite understood what I had to do until I learnt more about my skin and what makeup artists do prior makeup application.

Hydrating makes your skin softer, which means that the surface that makeup goes on is smoother and because it's hydrated and moisturised, makeup tend to grip on better as well.

When I had bad dehydrated skin, it was super evident when I applied full coverage foundation. That stuff just cakes and turns patchy literally right after application....with primer. At first I thought it was the foundation that has stopped "working", but in reality, it was really my skin that needed help more than anything. I've tried the foundation again with better hydrated skin and it has gone on without a problem

3. Rough texture and lines

I've touched on this in my previous point, but dehydrated skin can cause some rough texture on your skin. These could be little bumps and fine lines. We all have fine lines, but dehydrated and dry skin accentuates that even more so than how it actually is because the skin lacks the moisture/particles that holds up the cells and plumps it up.

Granted that occasionally my bad skin is not down to dehydrating, but it is the most common cause to my bad skin. This can be not drinking enough water, not using enough hydrating products in the routine, not masking and not making sure that moisture is locked within the skin.

4. Acne

If you have oily skin, you may be more prone to acne when you have dehydrated skin because your skin secretes more facial oil to combat the dehydrated-ness. We all know what this means - more clogging, more inflammation, more spots.

and finally.....

5. Discomfort

Okay, I don't know about you, but when I love a hot shower and with the hard water where I live plus the temperature I shower in, it's really a given that my skin is dehydrated (trying very hard to change that habit). When I step out of the shower, I know for sure my skin is dehydrated with how tight it feels and how I have a strong urge to scratch it like I've got an itch. I know it's dehydrating because as soon as it touches water or toner again, it instantly feels okay again.

I am really not a fan of how dehydrated skin make the skin look and feel - dull, lifeless, itchy, tight...it honestly is just awful. Thankfully I use products and routine that puts that moisture back into the skin (before it evapourates during the night in my sleep....)

What other effects do you experience when you have dehydrated skin? Do you know how I feel or do you have more to add? What products to you use? What routine do you use? How do you make your skin stay hydrated?