#63 - Make Up Edit - Karla Cosmetics

Here is yet another post where I fangirl… this time it’s about one of my fav makeup artists - Karla Powell.

I’ve known of Karla’s work since 7 years ago when I saw her work in a magazine (sadly now discontinued). The concepts were fresh and well executed and I’ve since then been a fan and have been nagging my husband to work with her for ages.

And they did, and I did too, as a model for one of her fantastic workshops in London - you truly learn so much and every time I go I learn something new.

Karla is a truly passionate and genuine makeup artist and what gives me more joy is that she’s created her own line of cosmetics that not only, and obviously, she personally uses to create her art, but also accessible and versatile for professional makeup and daily use.

It’s taken me such a long time, I do not know why, but I am now a proud owner of some of Karla’s glitters and the fantastic fix potion!


The large pot is the fix potion and a little really goes a long way - you do not, repeat, do not, need a lot of product for this to work and keep your glitter in place.

I’ve struggled with this product when I first have it and shared it on instgram - basically my product underneath it kept shifting but when Karla used this product on my during her workshops and IG videos, it stayed put. Karla has kindly advised that it’s best used with a fluffy brush and really gently dabbed on to the lid/skin

Tried it next time and it worked like a charm - I may still be a little heavy handed but my application has gotten better.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), Glycerine Veg, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf powder, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

The product consists of mainly water, thickeners/gel formers and aloe vera that helps with skin conditioning. Does not look like it contains silicones as well and this product is also vegan friendly.

I was really looking for adhesive ingredients since I use it as an adhesive for the glitter, but there really isn’t anything in there other than the carbomer which may be the one doing the job. Definitely does not feel like an adhesive, sits well on the skin (cooling sensation from the aloe) and the glitters really do stay put for the whole day.

Removing is easy - normal eye/lip remover with a cotton pad will generally get rid of the makeup in one go.

The fix potion has multitude of uses besides from using it for the glitters. It works well as a lid primer and to brush through the brows to set and get the editorial fluffy brows look, and used as a mixing medium to create your own shades of lips, glitters and other makeup products.

Excuse the inconsistency in the images, took this a while ago, but also want to show a little close up and the bundle that I got.

The glitters are truly beautiful. I bought a bundle of 3: Mermaid fin (my FAV), kraken, dragon scale, and then an individual one which is rose gold (super versatile). Each of these pots come with a little top that you can use to control the glitter spill - I don’t personally use them but they can be really useful on a set or when you are travelling.

I also bought the silicone applicator, which I just dip into the glitter pots to get the glitter out and apply to lids. Have to admit that I’ve not got the hang of applying the glitter yet but I’ve already had a lot of compliments on the results (and then I will proceed to tell everyone about Karla Cosmetics!)

2019-03-24 10.51.46 3.jpg

Karla has kindly gifted me a couple bags of glitter which I’ve not tried yet, and an eyelash curler. This is now my everyday eyelash curler - I seem to be able to get tighter curls with it and the curler is a little wider on the top compared to my Shiseido one, which makes the curler fit around my eyes better.


Again, excuse the inconsistency, just wanted to show what the curler is like side by side with my Shiseido one.

2019-03-24 10.51.45 2.jpg

SO, I think my love for Karla cosmetics is pretty clear!

Genuinely though, I’ve tried Immensus Cosmetics glitter last year, and because I don’t use it often, the adhesive dries out. The last time I’ve tried to apply it I’ve really struggled, so if you don’t use glitter often, the best way to have these products is really separately (check out my post on Immensues here ; would not repurchase, by the way).

Karla’s glitters are truly stunning and I can’t wait for any excuse to apply the glitter on my lids. I use them for everyday looks and if my makeup skills were good enough, I’d use them for editorial looks too!

Will be creating some looks with these glitter and share on Instagram so keep a look out!

You can get all these on Karla Cosmetics online store here: https://www.karlastore.co.uk/

This post consists of a few gifted products, the rest is purchased myself, opinions are 100% my own!

#45 - Makeup Edit - Immensus Cosmetics [Instagram Made me Buy it]

Today I want to talk about these new makeup that I've bought because "instagram made me buy it". Before I begin, I'd like to let you know that most of their store is now sold out, I think it's safe to assume that after their adverts started showing on everyone's feeds, everyone went to buy it. So if you are interested, read on, and maybe sign up to their list if you're interested to get notifications from them.

Today I'll cover first impression and a review of what I think of these. 

What is it?

If you are familiar with the obscene amount of makeup trends these days, I applaud you, there are so many out there! I'm sure you will be familiar with this whole glitter thing - glitter eyes, glitter lips, giltter boobs, glitter...everything.

Most of the glitter sold are fine glitter in a tube and you have to apply with a adhesive/glue. Immensus makes the adhesive unnecessary as it's already built in in t their glitter products. #NoGlueRequired. This is great news for clumsy people like me because I don't run into the danger of getting glue in my eyes as I have done when gluing on eye-lashes.

Yes, I have clumsy hands, okay.

So I ordered 9, because, why not, they are only £3.75 each. Because I have failed to take images of how they came in, here is one of them from their instagram page (I did an insta-story, okay, no pictures. Don't judge).

Credit: instagram.com/Immensuscosmetics

Credit: instagram.com/Immensuscosmetics

Just to be clear, these are not massive, my 9 baba pots all fit into a small, flat-ish parcel box. Unfortunately their empty palette was sold out when I bought it so I had to opt for Amazon, in which I ordered an empty magnetic palette that was too big.

How to apply

The parcel came with instructions and if you go on to their instagram page, you can just look at one of the videos that does the swatches. What you'll need is a flat-ish synthetic brush to pick up the glitter and gently apply on to your eyelids. Slowly and gently spread it out from the big clump you just made on your lids. If you're terrible with make up like, me, you'll need more practice, like me. Occasionally I cannot get the spread to reach places I want it to reach and end up picking more glitter up and applying and now my lids just like headlights.

Unedited phone images y'all. You can see the blue that's patchy on the left and kinda patchy but a lot better done yesterday on the far right. I've tried to do something bit more subtle and at present I'm not entirely sure if that's possible because really, this is glitter, not eyeshadow. You can build up the density and thus "saturation" of it, but they don't go on like shimmery eyeshadow that you can achieve a subtle shine with.

But I'm okay with that. And now I need to learn how to work with it with eyeshadows like everyone else on instagram does. I find it hard to blend because it has adhesive that comes with the glitter. The only way I think I can do that is to layer very little at a time. This involves patience and practice, and hopefully will get there some day.


Because these aren't really that "buildable" per se, to a certain extent what you see is what you get. If it doesn't look "pigmented" I would recommend checking whether the glitter has been spread evenly; that being said I also think to a degree it is "buildable", but not like eyeshadows, more like filling in gaps and doubling the amount of glitter in that area.

As such, I personally wouldn't double up on the glitter, because you would essentially be layering the glue/glitter mixture on to previous glue/glitter mixture and run into the risk of shifting the layer you have already applied. They are still somewhat malleable after application so layering it on again may shift the glitter already there.

So, effectiveness? Highly pigmented because of the glitter itself, and because there is already glue within (acrylics polymers), it means when it goes on, it goes on for good for the whole day. I tested it yesterday - applied at around 7am and didn't remove it until 3am (I fell asleep around 12am and didn't get up til 2.45am, with makeup on, whoops). It was still there so no question about longevity unless you are a chronic eyelid rubber.

The colour of the glitter - what you see is what you get. If it looks like that in the pot, it will really be that colour, maybe not as dense because you are not really applying the whole pan on your eyes.


  1. highly pigmented
  2. formulated with adhesive
  3. easy to remove - this was one of my concerns because glitter can be such a pain in the backside. However this has been a dream just to wipe off with your  normal eye/lip makeup remover. I have had minimal glitter fall out and for any that is left over, you can dip a cotton bud in the makeup remover and gently swipe and it will come off
  4. long-lasting
  5. highly affordable


  1. doesn't apply that well with fingers - this product is really best used with a brush; eye shadows work well with fingers, but this? Not necessarily
  2. not easy to "blend" - this is not an eyeshadow; this is glitter + adhesive, you will have to practice and try harder to really blend it in like shimmery/shiny eyeshadows
  3. not necessarily easy to apply - maybe you will find this easy to apply, but it took me several attempts to apply it relatively acceptable. But this may just be me
  4. slow shipping/unsatisfactory customer service - this took a while to be shipped. I ordered and waited for 7 days and still hasn't arrived and so I had to email them/respond to the order confirmation to ask. And they still didn't personally respond - I have issues with bad/no customer service so whilst I was glad they arrived, I'm not sure how well Immensus will deal with when it comes to managing or escalating issues relating to orders and products
  5. no free shipping - flat rate no matter how much you buy, no free shipping option when you shop over a certain amount of money

Overall, for these I would give it a 3.5, losing points in the cons section - shipping and customer service to me is pretty important for a brand and product so I have knocked off points for this because it does affect the way I shop an willingness to purchase. That and most of the site is out of stock and they supposedly restock every 1-2 weeks; I haven't seen it happen yet and they are not active on Instagram despite many adverts in my newsfeed.

Do you have this product? Have you bought from them? What was your experience? Tell me in comments below :)