#39 - Skin Edit - 2018 Beauty Goals

2017 has been a rough ride for me; although to be fair, 2016 has been as well. There has been so many changes throughout the past 2 years and I definitely feel the whole "one step forward, two steps back" thing going on. Anyway, I won't bore you with personal stuff and move on to some beauty goals/targets that I'd like to do this year. I'm not someone who is a huge advocate of resolutions as such, but it's always good to have targets to work towards to, and if they're not achieved because of circumstantial changes it's still absolutely okay. What are your goals for this year?

1. Mask more often

This is the number 1 thing that I'd like to improve this year. Since starting my new full time job, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep a full beauty routine all the time and I can definitely see signs of stress and weary in my skin - texture, breakouts, dull... Masking is one of those things you can whilst doing something else, like cooking; although it's recommended that you actually lie down and chillax. Unfortunately I am not one of those people who know how to do that and constantly have to be doing something, even if something is aimlessly browsing around the internet...!

2. Invest in more expensive products occasionally

This is going to be difficult because money is always tight one way or the other, but some products that cost more are well worth their money; such as Huxley and Olivarriet. Granted they're not the top range like The History of Whoo (which I'd love to splurge on at some point), but they're still a little more expensive than some other brands and rarely on sale. However, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy their products and would gladly repurchase - going to need a piggy bank just for these!

3. Pay (even) more attention

You'd think as a (wannabe) beauty blogger I'd do that. It's really difficult for skincare though because it's harder to prove the causal effect of certain products to the skin. I have made a start in purchasing a skin analyser that tells me what percentage of my skin is water to help keep track of how effective the routines are. I still have some question marks about this and will write about this another day. For now, I'd like to be able to really spot the difference in my skin and whilst it is difficult, making the effort in paying more attention to what products do and how my skin feels after using them would hopefully help me figure out the secret to good skin!

4. Review more products

This is really for the few people who read this, and hopefully more this year! I find it difficult to give a good review without having tried the product for a good amount of time, but will definitely make it a priority this year to write more about the different products I've tried - what worked and what doesn't. Products that I want to love, products that disappoint, new finds, and etc. This will also help me discover more new products and if you have something you'd like me to try, please let me know!

5. Plan ahead

As you've noticed, I have skipped a couple of posts this month due to being on holiday and I am not proud of it, even if no one reads this! I aim to figure out to plan ahead topics and writing for this blog to keep it more or less consistent, even if I have to be away or find myself being busy.

So these are just  a few things I've thought of on the spot and subject to change! What are your goals, beauty or not?