#32 - Skin Edit - Dehydrated Skin Pt 2. - Products

So last week I shared what dehydrated skin does to me; this week is about the products that I have tried that helps with this dehydration condition. Obviously these are only suggestions and are products that have worked for me - you know your own skin best so if these don't work, try something else :) My skin is combination, oily, sensitive and acne prone and this page may contain affiliate links - it doesn't change how much you pay but it helps me out a little :)

Current routine, also a terrible flatlay

Current routine, also a terrible flatlay


1. First Step Cleansing

I try to use products that doesn't strip away moisture when I clean my face, and I like my face squeaky clean, hence I double cleanse as part of my every evening routine. I combine balm/oil cleanser with a foam cleanser, here are my favourites so far!

Heimish All Clean Balm is my all time favourite cleansing balm - it gets rid of all the makeup but doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped of moisture. It's gentle, yet effective and works in one go. Balms are generally quite thick I find that I don't need a lot of this to remove daily makeup and for heavier shoot days, I use a bit more or double up cleaning just to make sure I get those 6 inches of makeup off my face. Honestly it's done absolute wonders for me and I will always come back to this cleansing balm (this is a repurchase, even when I love trying new things!) because I know I can rely on this!

Clio Micro Fessional Cleansing Oil Balm is what I currently use and almost hit bottom with this! Again, one of those glorious balms that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without stripping the moisture. Compared to the Heimish All Clean Balm though, I personally would prefer the Heimish one just because of how my skin feels afterwards.

I know right, yet another product that does this! I tend to find that products of this texture tend to give me that sense of cleaniness without stripping the moisture. I've tried gel before, but I never felt like my skin was clean enough, and I've tried oil, which left me feeling clean, but not necessarily moisturised sometimes, depending on the product you use. Also I tend to go through oil a lot quicker than balms so for me, this type of product works really well.

2. Second Step Cleansing

20171029 IJWGS (5 of 16).jpg

Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick was/is one of those cleansing sticks that every blogger loves and it really is lovely on the skin. They don't love it for no reason! I'm very new to stick cleansers so I wasn't actually sure if this worked, but it did and it foams up nicely and with the low pH it helps with strengthening the skin barrier. This is perfect for travel and I would definitely consider this as part of my travel kit, but would I repurchase this? Probably not, I don't think this has personally made it to the top of my 2nd step cleansing list and to be honest, I'm still looking for one that I would for sure repurchase!

20171029 IJWGS (7 of 16).jpg

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam is my current second step cleanser that I use every night. I like that it sqeezes out like clay, but definitely foams up when you start massaging it into the face with a little water. This isn't stripping at all and it's really comfortable to use this as a 2nd step cleanser. Because it's got clay in it, it gives another layer of deep cleansing after the cleansing balm that I use, it's like having a mini clay mask session without having to leave it on the skin to dry and wash off. And the best thing is? My skin never feels tight after cleansing with this

20171029 IJWGS (10 of 16).jpg

Skin Watches Enzyme Powder Wash is great for travelling with! It's in powder form so it's a lot lighter, and you can put it in your hand carry if you want to because, hello, not a liquid! You don't need much of it to mix with water to create a lather which you can then massage into the skin. Because it's got papaya enzyme in there, it's also great for sebum control and a little bit of "detox" on the skin, plus it works as a gentle exfoliant. AND doesn't strip the skin of moisture. Who said squeaky clean skin has to come with a price - believe me, I've used cleansers that have left the skin pretty dehydrated!

3. Toners

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Olivarrier Dual Moist Toning Lotion is one of my favourites and currently using. No alcohol, low pH and absorbs into the skin so well. It's perfect as a toner to rehydrate the skin after cleansing and for the 7-skin method to make your skin look like glass (apparently glass skin is the latest trend...). This was sent to me for review purposes and I wouldn't hesitate to promote this because this really helped with hydrating my skin when I was in Cornwall. With the 7 skin method it served as a mask as well because, believe it or not, I did not have time to complete a masking routine in the evening!

I'm going to be honest, this Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner I have yet to try, but I've heard some really great things about this so thought that I should include it here. Review to follow when I get around trying it...

Bonus toner that I haven't got an image for because it's been a while since I've used it - it's when I first came across the 7-skin method, I tried it with this toner and it is oh so amazing! The DECLEOR Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion is wonderful at rehydrating the skin and you don't need to worry about using a lot of it when you get the large bottle. With the 7-skin method, this toner makes your skin glow so much that it won't go unnoticed. Make up goes on like a dream. This toner also soothes the skin after a stressful day and the fragrance doesn't feel artificial as it comes from an essential oil rather than added in artificially.

3. Serums

I really should start using more ampoules, but with The Ordinary by Deciem, I rarely find the need to. You really cannot beat the price of these super effective products either!

20171029 IJWGS (4 of 16).jpg

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 gives surface hydration as well as under the skin hydration. We all have products that contain some form of hylauronic acid in it, but this serum is at a higher concentration, hence gives "multi-depth hydration". It's quickly absorbed by the skin, perfect for dehydrated skin. In fact, I think it'd be great for any skin because every type of skin need that deep hydration. Your skin will feel plumped and soft, and you can use this for both morning and evening before creams.

4. Masks

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It is honestly difficult to recommend masks because you really have to try it yourself to know. Even though I have some go-to masks, I am always discovering new ones that are amazing. However, if you're a cheapo like me and want a high performance hydration mask, these 3 are my go-tos. I am really sad because I'm running low on the Coconut mask (thin sheet, super hydrating, lots of product. You skin will thank you) but I think it's time for me to go back to some other brands and try new ones. Although I am very inclined to order these again!

Innisfree it's real bamboo mask is ranked pretty high on the hydrating list. I thought the aloe one was good but this? This is even better for hydration. Ignore that person who tells you that oily skin you should be using Aloe or Mugwart or whatnot from the range - THIS is the one you should really go for. Oily skin may be a sign that your skin is dehydrated and the one thing that will help with controlling that sebum is rehydrating your skin so it reaches the balance between oil and water. This bamboo mask does a better job than the aloe one, in my opinion, at rehydrating the skin and keeping it hydrated

Petitfee Resurrection Plant Soothing Gel Mask is one of my recent favourites. It's thin, jam packed with the serum and just so hydrating. My goodness, you can see the difference before and after using this face mask. It's got desert plant concentrate and berries, so not only does it hydrate, stops moisture from leaving, and it also brightens. I'm not so sure on the brighten bit, but the moisture bit is defo real.

5. Moisturisers

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Huxley Secret of Sahara Cream: Anti-Gravity is my new favourite. It's thick, so you don't need much of it, and it instantly hydrates the skin and locks it in. It's not oily so doesn't create a sticky film over the face. And it smells great, without being overpowering. I chose the anti-aging one, because, well, I need it. There are other products in this range and I'm confident that they will be just as effective! This is great for the winter as it's got Cactus oil and cactus extract that helps defend the skin against the cold and dryness that winter brings. Personally though I think I would happily use this during the summer. Gel "creams" are never really enough for my skin so I tend to like denser creams.

2017-04-14 02.16.38 1.jpg

Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk Argan Oil Steam Cream is one of my absolute favourites. I keep telling myself to buy steam cream off steamcream.co.uk and I still haven't got around doing it because I keep getting moisturisers from the sites that I order other things...One day, one day. This cream is just so glorious - it feels amazing on the skin; it's not too dense but don't underestimate it's moisturising power - it hydrates and locks it all in and leaves the skin feeling so lovely and soft.

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Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Make-up artists' favourite. And I can definitely see why. You don't need a lot to rehydrate the skin with this moisturiser and it really keeps the skin moisturised; use too much though and your skin may feel a little heavy, but this goes for all moisturisers out there! I use this before heavy makeup application because it creates a smooth and soft surface for makeup to adhere to and it's done wonders for the makeup. I tried this when I started seeing the makeup artists I work with use this on me and hey ho, always listen to a professional!

6. Sleeping Mask

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Honestly, I rarely use sleeping masks. Just never fully incorporated it in my routine and haven't tested many I would happily leave on my face overnight. This one that I'm getting through these days is the Goodal Waterest Vital Sleeping Mask. This has more of a gel-like consistency so it doesn't add heaviness to all the products I use before this final step. It also doesn't leave stickiness to the skin after application like the Vichy one has done before, so I feel safe sleeping in this. This does a good job in locking the moisture in over night because I've woken up in the morning not feeling as dehydrated as I have done without using this. However, this hasn't been part of my routine for a while because I haven't injected it in my habit. Autumn/Winter will be a good time to start trying to use this every night to see if this dehydrating thing improves over time.

So that's it for today! Did you find this helpful? I appreciate it's not a lot of new products that I'm introducing and I will keep trying more products to add to this list. Albeit short, I hope you find that you agree with some of the products I've listed, or suggest some new products for me to try out :) Hydration is the most crucial part of my beauty routine and goal and I am always on the lookout for products that help with it, because who doesn't like their skin to glow and feel plump and soft ;)

#9: Skin Edit - May Empties

Is it too early to post an "empties" post or is it the right time....? Either way, I thought I would do this first before my YesStyle Haul with the timing and everything. 

Gotta love how un-glam they look after using them for a while! Almost like they've got wear and tear on packaging since I've started using them!

Gotta love how un-glam they look after using them for a while! Almost like they've got wear and tear on packaging since I've started using them!

That's quite a lot of product I've managed to empty this month! I've actually used all of these for at least 3-4 months or so, with the exception of the Honey Pudding Cream, which I will come to talk about in a bit.

1. Heimish All Clean Balm

Honestly one of my favourite cleansing balm of all times. I'm so sad to have emptied this, but it's been a good run with my heavy makeup from photoshoots and general first step cleansing. Just removes all the oil and dirt that tends to cling on to your face. I don't think I can say enough good things about this balm, but I won't go on about that here as I've written a post about this already :) I haven't repurchased this as I actually have another balm cleanser from SaSa that I need to use and so far have been loving that too!

2. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk Argan Oil Steam Cream

My absolute favourite moisturiser ever. EVER. I've actually used up TWO of these tubs this year because I literally use this moisturiser for day AND night. This has got to be one of the most perfect moisturisers for my face and I am honestly so sad that I haven't been able to repurchase it! I've spoken about this product before and whilst I totally love this, with the spirit of a (wannabe) beauty blogger, I am more inclined to try other products out. One of which would be the steam cream from SteamCream.com. If you've tried this already, let me know your thoughts!

3. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Pudding Cream

So earlier on this month, yes THIS month, I've unboxed this and started using it. And I've actually finished using it. Emptied. Not because I loved it, but because it was kinda necessary for me to use so much of it. This is a relatively thin "cream", even when on the skin it feels like an oil based moisturiser, it doesn't actually keep the skin moisturised as well as other moisturisers do. My skin is oily and dehydrated and so I found that I had to use more of it for my skin to feel like it's nourished and hydrated enough, and it still doesn't last through the night. I've tested this without the water mask (that helps maintaining moisture) and within a couple of hours I feel like I want another layer on. If you have dry skin, you might need to use more in terms of layers of this "cream". I really want to like this product, because I do feel that it goes on really lovely on the skin and the skin looks so dewy after application, but it just doesn't last and that really is a shame! My next moisturiser I had in stock is a horse oil one - This isn't everyone's cup of tea but I've used a couple of similar products before and it's worked so well on my skin.

4. The Ordinary Hylauronic Acid & Niacinamide

Used til the LAST DROP, and repurchased before they ran out, thank goodness for that! I've included description and my thoughts about these products in my Deciem Haul post, go check it out! These 2 have been essentials in my routine since the day I got them!

There you have it, empties of the month. Have you emptied anything this month and what will you be purchasing or repurchasing?