#58 - Skin Edit - The Truth behind "Effortless"

So it's been too long since my last post - I honestly didn't know how long it's been since I was able to really sit down and write something. Day job is absolutely manic - so much that I no longer have energy nor time to mask everyday and you know how much I love my masking! I have still been posting weekly on instagram on products I like/mini reviews if you follow me.

This has been on my mind for a while and it's something that really resonates with the ethos/name of my blog - I Just Want Good Skin. I want to talk about the truth behind those "effortless" looks, specifically the products behind them.

I will start off by saying that no products guarantee success and the basis of good skin lies with good routines and good habits. Why I call this the "truth" is because I felt that this whole effortless thing is really effort-less, i.e. you don't need to put in effort in it. Wow, was I so wrong and you probably already know this but "effortless" isn't truly effort-less, but rather is the appearance of not needing to put an effort in it - that you are naturally beautiful.

The older I get, the more I see that the truth to looking effortless, facially, is good skin.

Good skin allowed me to look effortless because no only did I have to exert less effort in concealing, it's also made my products look like they work more efficiently than they really are (e.g. foundation).

So what am I trying to say?

It takes a lot of effort to look effortless.

Everyone's routine looks different - let's look at how many products it takes for me to look effortless in the mornings

But first, let's define "effortless" - everyone perceives this differently so for me, it's just an everyday look that takes me less than 15 minutes to put on (doesn't mean it doesn't require effort though).

Daylight only, no filter. As you can see, I'm actually not amazing at applying makeup and often skip the lips because it'll just end up coming off anyway within 2 hours!

Daylight only, no filter. As you can see, I'm actually not amazing at applying makeup and often skip the lips because it'll just end up coming off anyway within 2 hours!



I start off with evenings because I believe in a solid evening routine. One that you can spend most your time on, the one where you not only wash away the day, but also get ready for the next

So let's count - going with the most basic evening (without masking)



  1. First step cleansing: Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing balm
  2. Second step cleansing: Heimish All Clean White Foam Face wash
  3. Exfoliant: Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel
  4. Toner: Benton BHA Toner
  5. Serum #1: Purito Centella Green Level Buffet Serum
  6. Serum #2: Tosowoong Sparkle Ampoule
  7. Eye cream: Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream
  8. Face cream: Huxley More than Fresh cream

Number of products (typically): 8 (add a few more when masking/fuller routine)

The next day

My morning routines are really simple because I like to maximise sleep and minimise the time it takes to get ready before I step out the door

  1. Micellar water: Orlane
  2. Toner: Whamisa Original Organic Flower Toner
  3. Eye cream: Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream
  4. Sunscreen: La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Comfort sunscreen

Number of products: 4



  1. Eyeliner: MUA black pencil liner
  2. Eyeshadow: The Body Shop shimmer cubes
  3. Eyeliner: Rimmel Scandaleyes micro eyeliner
  4. Foundation: The Ordinary Serum Foundation
  5. Highlighter: Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator
  6. Eyebrow pencil: NYX precision brow pencil
  7. Eyebrow gel: GOSH brow sculpting brow gel
  8. Mascara: Maybelline push drama mascara 
  9. Light blush/highlighter: Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette
  10. Light contour: Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette
  11. Fixing spray: Saat Insight Eleganz Fixer

Number of products: 11

Total number of products: 22 (2 repeated)

22 products in total it takes me to achieve this. Without the evening and morning routine my skin wouldn't be in a good condition, which means nothing, and I repeat, nothing, will stick as well on my face as it does currently, especially the base. I'm also not actually particularly good at makeup either - I understand the theory but in practice is a different thing, so I minimise my routine to something highly manageable in the mornings (and occasionally I still get it wrong!)

Obviously it's not just products, it's time spent on figuring out what works for the skin, maintaining it and having to keep listening to it and feeding it what it needs, and time spent working out what look works best for your face. Everyone is different and I am definitely intrigued to learn and experiment with even more minimal looks.

(The wing liner took me months to master though and even now I get what I call "bad liner days" so I'm not so sure I'm ready to give it up yet.)

Ultimately, my point is, that on one wakes up looking fully polished even if they look like it, and you shouldn't expect yourself to. I say this time and time over again - the skin you work on today is the skin you'll get tomorrow (I should come up with a better catch phrase!).

What do you do to achieve effortless? What products do you use? What does effortless mean to you?


Here's to another makeup review! I don't do these often, not because I don't use makeup, but because I have more to say about skincare than makeup. I've been very fortunate and won the review event at Jolse and they have gifted me this product to test and review. Notice how it's the same brand as the fixing spray! I was definitely thinking - this is a great combination! 


I've always been a more foundation kind of person because of 3 reasons: 1) it's more hygienic - I can wash my brushes afterwards; 2) I can mix and match the colours to match my skin; and 3) I am happy to use cheaper drugstore brands. So really, I haven't been actively using cushion foundations much so this product is a challenge for me.


I' going to tackle this first, because this has always been my issue with cushion foundations. THE COLOUR DOESN'T MATCH!!! I get it, everyone wants to look white and most people in Korea probably have the same skin tone, but most cushion foundations still come in more than 1 shade. This? One shade. Basically if you're darker than white, this might not be for you. And to be honest, this colour did not match my face either. The trick for me was to not apply a lot at once and not to build up too much coverage, and blend to the neck (or wear turtlenecks, scarves...etc. Wrap up other skin so no one can tell the difference).


Buildable. Which is something really nice about this, because then you can add more to areas where you need a bit more coverage without sacrificing dewiness, especially if you normally use a concealer that doesn't have the same finish.

I had some redness in my cheeks and some scarring on your left hand side of the face and this has reduced that and I haven't worn concealer over it.

Usually I get hyped when a product has SPF, but I have learnt from Lab Muffin recently that you need a certain amount of sunscreen proportionate to the size of your face for the sunscreen to actually work. I will never use the required amount with this foundation on my face for the SPF 50 to protect me, and if you don't either, I would recommend having sunscreen under your makeup.


Oh so dewy. I was genuinely surprised - that shine is not an oily shine and I didn't really need to powder. Although I would recommend that you use a fixing spray to prolong this, or a little bit of translucent powder if this finish is not for you.

When I use this product, there are only some areas of the face where I had 2 layers on - where there is redness and texture. On a day-to-day basis, I personally detest thick makeup. Full coverage makeup for me is rare, even going out in the evening, but that is really because makeup coverage tend to be high when I shoot. I am really fond of the dewy-ness this foundation gives and you can see that under different light, there is still a lovely dewy shine to the face.


The one qualm I have with foundations is how they sit on the skin for a long period of time and for this reason I prefer cushion foundation/bb creams because they sit far more comfortably on my face. Reason being that a lot of Korean and Asian cushion foundations actually have a lot of skincare properties in them to make the product not only work as makeup, but also skincare. 

Yes, Asian are absolutely obsessed about skincare and I love it.

With makeup, expect it to crease, especially in drier areas or oilier areas. This product has done well for me and have been long lasting - I put this down to the skincare ingredients as well as skin prep before makeup application. I don't think I can emphasize enough how important skin prep is and I genuinely believe that it contributes at least 70% to good makeup.

Many low coverage foundations still make my skin feel like it can't breathe - not this cushion. Eventually I forget that I'm wearing foundation on my face.

How to use

I know what you're thinking - there is only 1 way to use this. Dab and apply right? Well I am here to shed some knowledge to what I have learnt. Here are some tips to applying and using cushion foundation:

  1. Don't take too much product on your puff: instead, dab for a little, apply, and dab again. This will avoid having too much product in one area of the face. Because you have not squirted the product out on a palm or back of your hand, it's slightly harder to manipulate it
  2. Pat more than you think you to: the cushion isn't just there for you to apply the product normally. If it is then you should just go use a sponge or a brush. Using the puff itself should make the product adhere to your skin more and patting it more times makes the product mesh in with your skin more than if you just simply applied it.
  3. You don't have to hold the puff in one way: most people would just slide the fingers between the ribbon and the puff, but I have squeezed it thinner to reach areas that are harder to reach, e.g. around the nose, eyes, and chin. This gives you more control on where you put the product and how you blend it


After I've spoken highly about the skincare aspect, it's only natural that I cover some key ingredients in this cushion.

This product contains Centella Asiatica extract, camellia lower extract, snow lotus flower extract (patented component), aloe vera leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and chamomile flower extract. There are probably 1 or 2 more extract that I'm not 100% sure what they are. Essentially there is a lot of calming and moisturising ingredients that make this suitable for those with sensitive skin too

The Verdict

I would give this a 4/5 - the one point missing being the colour! This, however is not unique to cushion foundations and it is also the very reason why I don't buy many, or any, of them, because the colour just doesn't match me. I am impressed, however, by the skincare components, and the finishing of this product and it would be one of the things I would purchase if I suited the colour.

Interested in giving this a go? Here is the link on Jolse.com (opens new window).

This product has brought me back to taking interest in cushion and BB products. Although honestly, foundations last for so long for me (don't use much of it) that it would be a long time before I start buying more. I would gladly buy more skincare than makeup!

Did you find this helpful? Would you try it? Have you tried it and what are your thoughts? Let me know :)

#45 - Makeup Edit - Immensus Cosmetics [Instagram Made me Buy it]

Today I want to talk about these new makeup that I've bought because "instagram made me buy it". Before I begin, I'd like to let you know that most of their store is now sold out, I think it's safe to assume that after their adverts started showing on everyone's feeds, everyone went to buy it. So if you are interested, read on, and maybe sign up to their list if you're interested to get notifications from them.

Today I'll cover first impression and a review of what I think of these. 

What is it?

If you are familiar with the obscene amount of makeup trends these days, I applaud you, there are so many out there! I'm sure you will be familiar with this whole glitter thing - glitter eyes, glitter lips, giltter boobs, glitter...everything.

Most of the glitter sold are fine glitter in a tube and you have to apply with a adhesive/glue. Immensus makes the adhesive unnecessary as it's already built in in t their glitter products. #NoGlueRequired. This is great news for clumsy people like me because I don't run into the danger of getting glue in my eyes as I have done when gluing on eye-lashes.

Yes, I have clumsy hands, okay.

So I ordered 9, because, why not, they are only £3.75 each. Because I have failed to take images of how they came in, here is one of them from their instagram page (I did an insta-story, okay, no pictures. Don't judge).

Credit: instagram.com/Immensuscosmetics

Credit: instagram.com/Immensuscosmetics

Just to be clear, these are not massive, my 9 baba pots all fit into a small, flat-ish parcel box. Unfortunately their empty palette was sold out when I bought it so I had to opt for Amazon, in which I ordered an empty magnetic palette that was too big.

How to apply

The parcel came with instructions and if you go on to their instagram page, you can just look at one of the videos that does the swatches. What you'll need is a flat-ish synthetic brush to pick up the glitter and gently apply on to your eyelids. Slowly and gently spread it out from the big clump you just made on your lids. If you're terrible with make up like, me, you'll need more practice, like me. Occasionally I cannot get the spread to reach places I want it to reach and end up picking more glitter up and applying and now my lids just like headlights.

Unedited phone images y'all. You can see the blue that's patchy on the left and kinda patchy but a lot better done yesterday on the far right. I've tried to do something bit more subtle and at present I'm not entirely sure if that's possible because really, this is glitter, not eyeshadow. You can build up the density and thus "saturation" of it, but they don't go on like shimmery eyeshadow that you can achieve a subtle shine with.

But I'm okay with that. And now I need to learn how to work with it with eyeshadows like everyone else on instagram does. I find it hard to blend because it has adhesive that comes with the glitter. The only way I think I can do that is to layer very little at a time. This involves patience and practice, and hopefully will get there some day.


Because these aren't really that "buildable" per se, to a certain extent what you see is what you get. If it doesn't look "pigmented" I would recommend checking whether the glitter has been spread evenly; that being said I also think to a degree it is "buildable", but not like eyeshadows, more like filling in gaps and doubling the amount of glitter in that area.

As such, I personally wouldn't double up on the glitter, because you would essentially be layering the glue/glitter mixture on to previous glue/glitter mixture and run into the risk of shifting the layer you have already applied. They are still somewhat malleable after application so layering it on again may shift the glitter already there.

So, effectiveness? Highly pigmented because of the glitter itself, and because there is already glue within (acrylics polymers), it means when it goes on, it goes on for good for the whole day. I tested it yesterday - applied at around 7am and didn't remove it until 3am (I fell asleep around 12am and didn't get up til 2.45am, with makeup on, whoops). It was still there so no question about longevity unless you are a chronic eyelid rubber.

The colour of the glitter - what you see is what you get. If it looks like that in the pot, it will really be that colour, maybe not as dense because you are not really applying the whole pan on your eyes.


  1. highly pigmented
  2. formulated with adhesive
  3. easy to remove - this was one of my concerns because glitter can be such a pain in the backside. However this has been a dream just to wipe off with your  normal eye/lip makeup remover. I have had minimal glitter fall out and for any that is left over, you can dip a cotton bud in the makeup remover and gently swipe and it will come off
  4. long-lasting
  5. highly affordable


  1. doesn't apply that well with fingers - this product is really best used with a brush; eye shadows work well with fingers, but this? Not necessarily
  2. not easy to "blend" - this is not an eyeshadow; this is glitter + adhesive, you will have to practice and try harder to really blend it in like shimmery/shiny eyeshadows
  3. not necessarily easy to apply - maybe you will find this easy to apply, but it took me several attempts to apply it relatively acceptable. But this may just be me
  4. slow shipping/unsatisfactory customer service - this took a while to be shipped. I ordered and waited for 7 days and still hasn't arrived and so I had to email them/respond to the order confirmation to ask. And they still didn't personally respond - I have issues with bad/no customer service so whilst I was glad they arrived, I'm not sure how well Immensus will deal with when it comes to managing or escalating issues relating to orders and products
  5. no free shipping - flat rate no matter how much you buy, no free shipping option when you shop over a certain amount of money

Overall, for these I would give it a 3.5, losing points in the cons section - shipping and customer service to me is pretty important for a brand and product so I have knocked off points for this because it does affect the way I shop an willingness to purchase. That and most of the site is out of stock and they supposedly restock every 1-2 weeks; I haven't seen it happen yet and they are not active on Instagram despite many adverts in my newsfeed.

Do you have this product? Have you bought from them? What was your experience? Tell me in comments below :)



#39 - Skin Edit - 2018 Beauty Goals

2017 has been a rough ride for me; although to be fair, 2016 has been as well. There has been so many changes throughout the past 2 years and I definitely feel the whole "one step forward, two steps back" thing going on. Anyway, I won't bore you with personal stuff and move on to some beauty goals/targets that I'd like to do this year. I'm not someone who is a huge advocate of resolutions as such, but it's always good to have targets to work towards to, and if they're not achieved because of circumstantial changes it's still absolutely okay. What are your goals for this year?

1. Mask more often

This is the number 1 thing that I'd like to improve this year. Since starting my new full time job, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep a full beauty routine all the time and I can definitely see signs of stress and weary in my skin - texture, breakouts, dull... Masking is one of those things you can whilst doing something else, like cooking; although it's recommended that you actually lie down and chillax. Unfortunately I am not one of those people who know how to do that and constantly have to be doing something, even if something is aimlessly browsing around the internet...!

2. Invest in more expensive products occasionally

This is going to be difficult because money is always tight one way or the other, but some products that cost more are well worth their money; such as Huxley and Olivarriet. Granted they're not the top range like The History of Whoo (which I'd love to splurge on at some point), but they're still a little more expensive than some other brands and rarely on sale. However, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy their products and would gladly repurchase - going to need a piggy bank just for these!

3. Pay (even) more attention

You'd think as a (wannabe) beauty blogger I'd do that. It's really difficult for skincare though because it's harder to prove the causal effect of certain products to the skin. I have made a start in purchasing a skin analyser that tells me what percentage of my skin is water to help keep track of how effective the routines are. I still have some question marks about this and will write about this another day. For now, I'd like to be able to really spot the difference in my skin and whilst it is difficult, making the effort in paying more attention to what products do and how my skin feels after using them would hopefully help me figure out the secret to good skin!

4. Review more products

This is really for the few people who read this, and hopefully more this year! I find it difficult to give a good review without having tried the product for a good amount of time, but will definitely make it a priority this year to write more about the different products I've tried - what worked and what doesn't. Products that I want to love, products that disappoint, new finds, and etc. This will also help me discover more new products and if you have something you'd like me to try, please let me know!

5. Plan ahead

As you've noticed, I have skipped a couple of posts this month due to being on holiday and I am not proud of it, even if no one reads this! I aim to figure out to plan ahead topics and writing for this blog to keep it more or less consistent, even if I have to be away or find myself being busy.

So these are just  a few things I've thought of on the spot and subject to change! What are your goals, beauty or not?

#23 - Beauty Edit - Subscription Box Upscaling

Subscription boxes should be no surprise for beauty addicts and hoarders. I am both and I was subscribed to Glossy Box.

Being a hoarder in general, it also means I keep all the boxes.... including the ones that these boxes get shipped in - the box of the box. When you have a certain number of boxes lying around, you start thinking what you can do about them.

Most of the boxes I have I've already sorted my unnecessarily large collection of makeup (for a normal person, not makeup artist or blogger) and beauty products in. The box of the boxes I've managed to throw away a few but have used other for storage as well - they really do come in handy.

One of the boxes I've used for my ever growing brush collection and every time I have to look for my brushes I have to scramble around for ages. If only I had separators in these boxes.... so I made a couple out of the box of the box. This is still really preliminary/experimental but it's worked so far and I've been far too lazy to really make it pretty. If that's what you're looking for, take this as a base and take it further.

1. Decide how many you need

I wanted to have 3 different categories - large, face brushes, medium eyeshadow and blending brushes, and smaller, leaner eye and lip brushes.

2. Measure

You could measure it out with a ruler, but I measured it with the box. Because I'm lazy like that. 

3. Trim.

You have noticed that I've left the flaps there - the first time I've done this without the flaps, I found it a little difficult to make the piece the perfect size for the box and so it kept falling over. With this it means that even if I have measured it a little smaller, there is still room to extend it a little and sit more snug in the box. Trim the excess edges and check that it fits okay. Shorter/longer is up to you

3. Keep Trimming

Chances are these pieces don't fit exactly in the box, so whatever that is too large, keep trimming. It's only when your piece is too small that we really have a problem and I'd rather trim down than try to fix a piece that is too small

4. Rinse and Repeat, then check that it fits

Do it again for how many pieces you need for the box. I did it again so I have 3 compartments. You can also tailor these pieces' sizes and shape according to your needs. Then put in brushes according to your own organisational mind and tada. It's really that easy.

And that's it, you're done!

How would you comparmentalise these boxes to suit yourself? Share your organisational ideas with me - always need in need of some!

#21 - Makeup Edit - Reusing liquid eyeliner

It's not what it seems, and this will be quick.

Have you ever had liquid eyeliners which you just love because the brush just works for you? I have. And it pains me when the eyeliner dries out and I have to throw it away. Until I have accidentally kept a dried up eyeliner in the bathroom and was too lazy to go to the bedroom to grab an eyeliner brush to draw....eyeliner.


  1. dried up liquid liner with synthetic brush tip that you like
  2. gel liner

Literally, that's it: dip your brush in your preferred gel liner and apply as you would do with it. It's no different from using a normal brush, but personally using this method means I have better control with this brush over the other eyeliner brushes I have. Muscle memory in drawing eyeliner is one of the keys to good eyelining and it's always difficult to get used to a new eyeliner brush.

Final tip: please clean your brushes

Chance are that in using this eyeliner for already an extended period of time so it's always a good idea to clean it first before dipping into the gel liner (unfortunately I realised this after I dipped it in). Regardless of what you use, make sure you are happy with the cleaniness of it and I would avoid using it on other people unless it's been disinfected.

That's it for today, quick one as have been busy - how do people balance this whole full time job and blogging? I'm already stuck on what to post next - if anyone has any suggestions, please shoot my way :)



#19 - Makeup Edit - The Ordinary Colours (!!!)

So a couple weeks ago I got my final order of The Ordinary Colours - they were on pre-order only so it was a bit of a wait to get them but oh so worth it! I bought them in 2 different shades and they are 30ml each. Don't be fooled by the tiny bottle - the no-bullshit packaging shows you exactly how much 30ml is - The All Nighter by Urban Decay may look like a larger bottle, but I guarantee you it's also 30ml (at more than 3 times the price of The Ordinary Colours).

I made a short video on how I've used it and removed it and have done a voice over. Please be gentle with me as I'm still trying to grasp how this whole video thing work - how the heck do people do it? Either way, I hope it will help!

I cannot begin to let you know how much I love this foundation. It's got that full coverage without looking cakey. The pigment doesn't patch up easy - it's malleable and it looks like skin. It's literally best of both worlds and for people who want to feel like they look like they're born with good skin - THIS IS IT. And it's less than £6.00. Even if you get 2 bottles it will still cost less than your one bottle of Urban Decay All Nighter.

(I know I keep mentioning this Urban Decay foundation: it's because I got one and eventually absolutely hated how it looked on my skin as it patched up so easily and doesn't sit well on the skin any more and it also costed £27.00... I've used it a total of 3 times perhaps).

P.S. There are some audio issues here, my apologies! The part that stuttered a little is the part where I explain I got 2 shades, one that is 2 shades lighter and one 2 shades darker than my skin tone; and in hindsight, I should have gotten one neutral and one yellow so the colour doesn't come out too yellow.

So there you have it - The Ordinary Colours on bare face. I didn't even put toner or moisturiser on and it still sat so comfortably on top. It's silicone based but feels really moisturising. The Ordinary also does primers and I have both - they are both silicone based and you can of course use them together.

Have you used The Ordinary Colours? Did you like it? What other foundations do you like?

Video Product List:

  1. Gangbly Jeju Horse Oil Moisture Cleansing Water
  2. The Ordinary Colours: Coverage Foundation with SPF15 in 1.2YG Light and 2.1Y Medium
  3. Zoeva Face Shape Brush 110
  4. Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana Setting Powder
  5. Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Brush
  6. Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

#18 - Makeup Edit - NARS everything

So today will be a little different! A couple weeks ago the Global Artist at NARS invited me on to her channel to demo a makeup look and honestly I am SO in love with this look. No joke. In fact, when I went home I took an endless stream of selfies (a little unfocused as you well see because I'm actually terrible at selfies) which I will share at the end of this post. 

Here's the tutorial, using all NARS, naturally

As someone with really dry lips, my first major concern is truly how drying the formula is and no joke, I've used some matte liquid lipsticks that have thoroughly dried my lips out. Good prep for liquid lipsticks is a no brainer, but these NARS ones are packed with pigment, with a good applicator that isn't a giant sponge (I use a lip brush usually) and doesn't dry your lips out (at least not that quickly though).

This ombre lip is just gorgeous - super wearable and the combination of colours are endless too. Obviously you don't have to get NARS everything - I would adapt it to a different, drugstore, makeup brand. I would, however, definitely get a good colour from NARS eventually as a treat! It would be a black, purple, or brown... or all three.

It's been hectic lately with a few things going on, just one of those days that you just get everything bombarded on to you in a short period of time. Shame it ain't makeup or skincare products though! 

Anyway, keeping this short and sweet, and also ending with my face. Like you haven't had enough already. I haven't put these through any mobile app processing, the only blur that exists comes from my incapability of taking selfies.

That lip tho.

#17: Makeup Edit - DIY Cushion Foundation

So a while ago I went down to Cornwall and packed a cushion foundation. Now, I've never actually bought one because I watched Gothamista's DIY Cushion foundation video and have since made my own. I'm going to share what I've done, even though this time hasn't been that successful and I've just ended up using more concealer for a base during my trip than to use this cushion foundation. I will note the mistakes at the stages where I feel like I've made and do a lil mini conclusion at the end - hopefully this will help!

So with all DIY cushion foundation, you need the empty case. This could be your existing one. I washed out my sponge but I believe you can actually buy them? If anyone knows where though, let me know! I also sprayed and wiped my case down with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.

Mistake #1:  I would recommend getting a new sponge instead of washing mine out like I've done. For convenience purposes and also for better absorbance and effectiveness of the product. In the instance that you may not have gotten all of the old product out, there may be a "cross contamination" of products

After your container is clean, it's time to choose what products you want to go in your foundation. I'm trying a new foundation and an old BB cream to see how it'll work. Normally I mix foundations to see which one suits my skin tone the most; I've used/mixed different combinations from 3 different foundations (Vichy BB cream, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, The Ordinary) to see which one would fit me the most and went with the Vichy BB Cream (lightest) and The Ordinary (darker, with a yellow undertone).

Korean cushion foundation often have skincare qualities too and if your don't, you can always create one that does. I've added Hylauronic Acid and a Vichy serum (sample size) as well. The ratio of skin care to foundation is 1:3. I've also added a touch of illuminating primer from Primark to make the foundation a little more dewy.

When you've selected the products, it's time to mix it all in. I would recommend mixing the mixture elsewhere first before adding it to the container, especially if you're doing a new concoction of products.

So here (below) I am swatching what illuminator I should add in, and then doing final swatches to feel the texture on the skin as well as checking that the colour works before pouring it in the cleaned container.  Mistake #2: I haven't actually used enough products (foundation in particular) for my mix and found that it was harder to get product into the sponge and on to the appilcator afterwards. I didn't usually have to dab my sponge a million times, but this time I did and it could be because there simply wasn't enough product poured in the container. You should only really fill it a third up full though otherwise they will leak.

Use that sponge to scoop up the rest of the product with both sides and then push the sponge into the clean container, pressing with the spatula to soak up the products from the bottom of the container.

And there you have it, It is genuinely that easy. The hardest part is getting the products right and having the right amount in the pot. After you're done, pop it back in the outer "frame" and test it with the sponge applicator.

2 mistakes I think I've made that have made me feel that this particular DIY cushion foundation isn't as good as the last one I've made:

  1. using an old sponge that I've washed out the product from. I felt like it worked, but perhaps it hasn't - the integrity of the sponge is questionable after washing, or maybe my sponge being a relatively cheap one hasn't done well like some other better ones.
  2. not using enough products. You can tell I definitely haven't filled up a third of the container, and whilst all the product is in the sponge, I feel like it's harder to get the product out. It shouldn't technically be the case as all the product should be within, but for some reason it hasn't worked well this time round and felt that it's dried up a little since using it.

Have you tried making a DIY cushion foundation and what problems did you come across? Or am I just the only idiot with clumsy hands that is unable to follow simple instructions.....hahahah

#11: Makeup Edit - Using products from YesStyle Haul

So my last blog post was on all the products I've gotten from YesStyle (who are still doing sales at the moment!), and with so many makeup products actually being my staple products, I decided that I'd do my first video on using most of the makeup products (close to all, really) to create an everyday look.

When it comes to everyday, I've developed my go-to look into something that doesn't require brushes (just a sponge for foundation and the brush that comes with the eyebrow pencil), so my face is ready in 20 minutes. Once you get into a routine/habit of doing the same stuff, any variation that still uses the same technique will fall into place anyway and it will be a quick but nice look to go out in.

You are free to stop at any point, I've added more products to the look to amp it up (also attempt to use all of them), but it still stays as more of a "day time" look. Without further ado, video is below:

There you have it! Hope this was enjoyable and helpful in some way! I'm not ready for voiceover yet, but maybe in the future, so bear with the text for the time being :)