#26 - Skin Edit - Leftover mask...?

So how many of you use masks? And how many are as stingy as me? The following may be obvious but hey, I was always taught "don't be afraid to state the obvious", so here goes - just a super quick one today! A bit like a quick tip!

When I use masks, because I tend to use really thin masks, the mask itself is already drenched in serum and I see a puddle being left in the packet. And I never really throw what's remaining away because why throw away when I can use it....

I have an ongoing collection of these packets where I've used the mask and the serum remains

I have an ongoing collection of these packets where I've used the mask and the serum remains

That puddle of serum tho.....

That puddle of serum tho.....

So, because it makes absolutely no sense to my stingy self that I should throw away any of this, I usually keep it on the side in the bathroom with my other products so I can reach out for them the next morning to pat on my face, or in the evening when I may not have time for a mask (it's getting increasingly difficult with a new 8.30-6. I want to say 9-5 but no one really has a 9-5 any more, it's usually more than that....).

This serum is the same as your face mask so essentially you're just skipping out on the masking aspect and applying this as your would your other serums. For hydration masks, the residue I love using in the morning to give the skin a much needed boost.

I normally pour out the serum and pat it on my skin, or "scoop" it out and apply like cream. Then apply rest of the products in your routine and you are done!

That's it! Do you already do this? What masks do you use and what works for you?

#12: Skin Edit - 5 reasons why I hate peel off masks

So you know how we love positivity and all that? Not on my blog post today. Today is going to be a very biased "thoughts" about peel off masks. So if you really can't take the negativity in this post, my feelings are all in the title. If you want to read how "triggered" I get about masks, read on (I will try to tune it down). 

I don't actively purchase these masks (I've done it once back in 2014) but this month's GlossyBox came with one and I had to use it anyway so I can submit a review. In short, this particular one isn't too bad, but not every peel off masks are like that and just because these peel off masks don't work on my skin and I hate it, doesn't mean you should too.

Positivity ends here now.


1. Messy, oh so messy, but so hard to clean

So this happens every time. It could be because I'm clumsy, but I'm certain that this doesn't JUST happen to me. Tell me I'm not the only one. This stuff is a nightmare to get off too and I've learnt the hard way to not wash with water, and use a dry toilet paper/tissue instead. I opted for fingers because they are much easier to get off than a face mask brush. I've had experience with ones that just wouldn't budget and it's a mixture of water, soap, scrubbing, then more scrubbing with tissue to get it off my fingers.

2. Is it dry? I think it is, oh no, wet spot

So you probably thought, "oh I need a little on my nose, and seeing that I've got some product left, I'm going to apply more around the chin too". Until you discover that it doesn't dry evenly and if you accidentally touch these spots whilst you're waiting for a century for them to dry, you're going to get them on your fingers and end up with a bare patch on your face. So you say, "J, just don't bloody touch your face". How else will I know if all of my mask is dry, huh? HUH? Fine, I won't touch it, I just have to wait for it to dry and feel like it's for reals gripping on to my skin. 

But there will still be some wet patches that aren't dry. How do other people do this; again, is this just me??

To be fair, this one from Beauty Pro isn't too bad in waiting time to dry. If you've made a mistake like I have by applying it over the brows...that bit feels like it's never gonna dry.

3. I love how satisfying it feels to peel off. NOT.

Okay, okay, so it's dry, ish. Most of it is anyway, so I'm so ready to peel this pesky thing off my face. Those videos are hilarious! I'm going to have so many white heads and blackheads peeled off from my face.

This is the WORST part for me and one of the core reasons as to why I hate these masks - you have to tug on your skin! This Beauty Pro one wasn't too bad actually, but trust me I've used worse. That peeling feeling really doesn't sit well with me and if you continuously tug on your skin like that, like using nose pore strips (again, something I hate), your pores WILL sag and you will end up with larger looking pores.

Also I didn't peel off white heads/blackheads on my face or nose. Thankfully this wasn't one of those that feels like it's glued on to your face, otherwise I'd be in for a ride of discomfort.

Also notice how there are still bits left - these are WET SPOTS that I thought was dry. Think again, J, NOT dried.

4. I'm going to have such clear skin! Oh...maybe not?

They say these are supposed reveal fresh, clear skin...BUT DOES IT THOUGH??? From the pictures you probably think it does, but I can tell you this is 100% down to the camera being a little further away and not focused on the same spot. In other words, it's not focused at all, so it looks better. 

That being said, with skincare products, habits are key to having good skin, so maybe if you do this regularly enough, you will eventually peel off a layer of the skin and reveal good skin. But I ain't going through that mess and peeling and tugging at my skin/pores that often I can tell you. The Kiehl's Rare Earth clay mask does a much better job in the first application - no tugging, quick dry and you can TELL if you still have wet spots.

5. What is that strange sensation/itch on my face...

Just going to reiterate... you've tugged your skin

I don't know if many people get this or if it's just me (again), but I always have this itchiness/tingly sensation on my face that is not pleasant after I use these masks. It isn't so intense with the Beauty Pro one because it wasn't like one of those that glue on to the face, but it still gave me a little of that feeling. Remember, it's from the tugging of the skin.

Also because you've applied it on dry skin, when you peel it, your skin is still dry, if not drier. The mask doesn't inject water in the skin so you're not really getting moisturising factors. I opted in using the 7 skin method afterwards as I felt it was the only way I could rehydrate my skin well in a short period of time. If you have the time I highly recommend using toner immediately and then slap on a hydrating mask or a soothing mask to ease the irritation you've caused your skin.

So there you have it, my rant about how much I dislike/hate these peel off masks. In fact, I don't even use them any more and I honestly don't care for this trend of using these peel off masks. They've been around for ages and if you want to use it on just the nose area, I prefer these over a nose pore strip as that essentially is glue...and well, this at least has other stuff in it and it "soaks in" to the pores. But there are a million of other ways to deal with clearing pores (clay masks!) and skin regeneration (acids) that doesn't involve physically tugging at your skin, which I would say is one of the top things you can do to make your skin age quicker. You won't see it immediately, but doing this long enough and you will see pores looking more like a tear drop or elongated where the skin around it has lost elasticity.

What do you think? Do you like these masks? Is it just me who has these problems? How often do you use it and does it give you results?

#3: Skin Edit - Evening "lock in" products

I don't know about you but I love evening skincare routines. It helps me winds down and because you will be heading to bed soon, it means that as your skin rests it will also absorb different products layered on throughout the night and you wake up to better skin (or eventually wake up to better skin). Some products only should be applied in the evening, e.g. vitamin C, and you can layer on more products in the evening than the morning because you're not going out and feeling like you've got a ton of skincare on your face. Of course this is just a personal preference! 

I find "locking in" the products you've layered on in your routine in the evening is super important, so everything stays on the skin until they're all absorbed throughout the night. It's also important for those who sleep in air conditioning or colder places as your skin can dehydrate throughout the night. When I lived in Asia, I had to make sure I layer on enough moisturising products on my face in the evening - in the summer - to make sure I don't wake up with super dehydrated skin.

Here are a couple of products I've been using over the past few months to help me "lock in" everything I layered on to my skin in my evening routine. First is a moisturiser and second a sleeping mask to lock everything (including the moisturiser) in.

1. Skin Ceramic Argan OIl & Donkey Milk Steam Cream

I think I've hit a jackpot with moisturisers here. Honestly when I first got this I wasn't expecting this to work as well as I thought it would - but I was so wrong. I had 2 tubs of this as part of a deal on Sasa.com and bought them for a fraction of the original price and I've been in love with this product ever since first use.

My favourite thing about this stem cream is the texture. Oh it's so glorious! They used steam heating to mix both oil and water together and creating a soft and light texture, but don't let that fool you - the hydrating quality of this cream is just as effective as other night creams, without the heaviness to it! It's also so much easier to be absorbed into the skin because of its texture - tip: warm product between fingers/hands prior to applying to make it easier to be absorbed; I've found that applying with cold fingers on cold skin makes products generally harder to penetrate. I also have sensitive skin and heavier moisturisers can cause some grief to my skin, but this is the perfect solution to that.  This product is also multi-functional so you can also use it on other parts of the body (and apparently hair!), but it will run out a little faster ;)

I actually use this product for day time too because of how light it is and needless to say I love it so much - it's now literally the only moisturiser I use in the cream part of my skin care routines. Sadly I am running low and almost hitting bottom of this second tub that I have, but I haven't been able to buy it again on Sasa.com. Sad times, but I do have other moisturisers to try out next (also k-beauty products) which I am really looking forward to. I've also come across a UK steam cream company/brand STEAMCREAM that I will definitely try at some point. If you've already tried this let me know what you think!


2. Goodal Waterest Vital Sleeping Pack

Usually my routine ends with moisturiser, but lately I've been loving using a sleeping mask on top of the moisturiser (last step of the routine, I promise) to really lock everything in and reap in the benefits of the sleeping mask.

Honestly I've never really liked sleeping mask - I used to use Vichy - because of how weird they make my skin feel and how it goes on to literally everything while I sleep. It's really not pretty haha. That being said I'm happy that I've opened up to sleeping mask again - to right ones, just to clarify! - because this one has been doing me a lot of favours throughout the night.

Goodal is another brand that I stumbled upon when I was living in Asia and I am absolutely gutted that I can't have easy access to them on the sites that I use in the UK to buy my K-Beauty/Asian beauty products - again, I got it from Sasa.com and they haven't stocked it to ship to UK since. I first came across their eye/lip makeup remover and hands down it's my absolute favourite eye/lip remover. Super gentle to the eyes but so damn effective.

Anywway, this brand is pretty well known for its fermentation and hydration properties in their products, which is so up my street because if there is anything I will preach about, it's skin hydration. This sleeping mask is lightweight and you can just apply it like a gel/cream all over your face, or you can layer it on thick and then wash off later. I'm a lazy person I go for the prior option and keep my hair off before I go to bed so make sure everything is absorbed in so nothing smears on my pillow cases and etc. When I'm too tired or letting my skin take a break from face mask I would use this sleeping mask too so I feel like I still got my mask treatment in.

This mask sits really well on top of the skin and gradually gets absorbed in; as with all sleeping masks you'll feel like there's a layer of cling film on your face, but it certainly isn't as sticky as some of the other ones I've used. I wake up with skin not feeling dehydrated at all but there will still be a little residue that gets removed when I splash my face with water and wipe with miscellar water and toner. 

So there it is, my 2 current favourite products for the last steps of my skin care routine currently. Have you used either of them and what do you think?

Disclaimer: all products have been purchased by me, no sponsored content and whilst these products worked for me, it doesn't necessarily work for you.