#51 - Skin Edit - Blossom Jeju Camellia Soombi Deep Repair Moisturizer [SKINSIDER UK] [Review]

Another week, anoter review! This week is the Blossom Jeju Camellia Soombi Deep Repair Moisturizer, kindly provided by Skinsider UK for review purposes. You can check out their product on their site here



You know it's a premium product when you love the packaging this much...! That statement may not be entirely true but you can count on me loving this packaging. The whole bottle feels luxurious - white and gold, a pump that dispenses the product out easily, a cap that fits right back on and no product residue at the pump, and the bottle feels heavy - like a glass bottle weight. I always have to err on the side of caution using this, like how I use my Whamisa toners because I'm such a clumsy being, but I do really love the packaging and it's just me who's clumsy. I'm sure most of you don't have such problems like I do!


So, I watch enough Korean drama to know that the island of Jeju is one of the most popular places to visit in Korea, but also that it is a volcanic island containing ingredients that are great for skincare. You've seen other brands like Innisfree contain a line of products that is from the Jeju island, only this brand is created by an individual, Sungha, not only inspired by the island, but also found ingredients on the island to create these products.

The ideal behind the brand is using their flagship ingredient, Camellia Oil, to create products that is natural, high performing and protect the skin from the environment, restore and maintain natural vitality and radiance.


I may not be an expert in ingredients but I am thoroughly impressed by the first ingredient on the list: Camellia Japonica Flower Extract (66.63%). This comes before water and glycerin, and also what puts the brand at a higher price point. The list also contains Camellia Japonica Seed Oil (2.96%) and a great blend of fruit and nut oil, seed oil, root extracts, peel extracts and at the very end, fragrance.

Immediate Feeling and Effacacy

Honestly I struggled with this product, because it doesn't make me immediately love it. in fact, I was so confused about this at the beginning. My idea of a moisturiser is a lot thicker because I use it most often in the evening and during the day I still use slightly heavier moisturisers and/or sunscreen. This product's consistency is quite thin and smells amazing. I will put my hand up to say that I am not someone who likes heavily fragranted product - this moisturiser isn't heavily scented but my god the scent is divine. The combination of the floral, fruit, peels...etc. in the ingredients all meshed so well and created this scent that calms me down.

The Camellia Soombi Deep Repair moisturiser is quite a lightweight moisturiser, which means it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and if you have dehydrated skin, you will feel like your skin just drank a good amount of water.

So what confused me?

For some weird reason I have experienced a little tightness in my skin after applying this. So after the initial moisture surge, my skin felt tight, a bit like it's dehydrated, and goes away when I apply the second layer. However, after using this continuously, this seems to have gone away so potentially this product has repaired skin barrier and made my skin more able to retain moisture.

Okay let's just ignore my historic skin reading for a bit...and the level of inconsistency I measure my skin! This is what my skin is like 4-5 hours after I've done a quick 3-skin method and 1 layer of this moisturiser. My skin is classically dehydrated (if that even is a thing...!) and previously by this time it would have dropped to less then 30%. Now, this may be because of the 3 skin method, but to a certain extent I definitely feel that the moisturiser helps to lock some of that moisture in. It's difficult to determine because of my preconception that because it's a thin moisturiser, it's not as good in locking the moisture in like some of the other thicker creams that I use. The only "tight" area when I did this reading is actually around my eyes (I have applied eye cream but recently I'm thinking my eyes need something stronger and serums...)

So you can see that I have applied the product to the back of my hand and I took a reading probably 15 minutes after. The other hand hasn't got any product on it (again, my hands/skin is notoriously dehydrated). You can see the stark difference in the readings 31% versus 12%.

Is this for me?

Good question, also one I can't answer. Reason being that because this is a natural product, it contains a lot of different extracts and oils that your skin may not be tolerant to - natural isn't always good, e.g. coconut oil has worked absolutely terrifyingly on my skin and I have never, ever used it again on my face or hair. There is coconut oil in this product, but it hasn't affect my skin, and most likely because it being furhter down the ingredient list as well as the entire formulation of the product that has worked, and despite some ingredients that I thought would be heavy (shea butter, mango seed butter, olive fruit oil...), this product is far from it and has absorbed into my skin really well. However, I do need 2 layers of this to feel hydrated and if I use this in the evening, I also layer a thicker moisturiser and sleeping mask on top.

The price point for this is also higher (£45.00) than some other moisturisers, including my favourite Huxley (~£30.00) moisturisers, which are thicker but does not feel thick at all on the skin. If you have the budget for this, I would definitely recommend trying this, especially for the coming months where it will be warmer, or to combat the changing weather. I have used this in a "transition" season/weather and it has helped with my skin be more tolerant of my environment - I sleep and live within a very dry indoors too and my skin normally struggles to retain moisture, especially when the heating is on.

If I wasn't such a hopper and curious to try so many different products, this is high up on my list to purchase. Not only does it look luxurious, it also feels luxurious with an incredible ingredient list. You can buy this from Skinsider UK (who have provided this for review purposes; my opinions are my own), and I have seen them do sale/discounts and bundles for their products. I think if this was paired with another product, e.g. serum, mask, toner, it may be a popular and decent set to have on the shelf.

I say this often - one product does not always work well on its own, rather you will need to pair it or use it with other products within your routine to really bring out the qualities of the product. Each product have their own function that supports other products you use for your routine.

I would absolutely love to try the essence toner and use the 7 skin method to see if I can give my dehydrated skin some love and to achieve the "glass skin" that is so popular these days, and to pair it up with this moisturiser.


This moisturiser is a solid 4/5 for me and I would definitely recommend this as a day moisturiser under your sunscreen and/or makeup; and would be a 5/5 if it was even more hydrating for my skin, i.e. I don't need to use 2 layers of it. This being said, this may be environmental factors and my original skin condition. I'd like to know if long use of this product is truly "anti-aging" and if there is a way to track if it really deeply repairs my skin to retain moisture better.

Skinsider UK provides a lot of information about the product - I would highly recommend looking at the ingredient list to see if there are potentially any ingredient that may irritate your skin in this product.

Have you used this? What do you think of this and what other comments would you add?


#43 - Skin Edit - AM routine for Busy/Lazy People

Let's just be clear, I am both. Because I'm lazy, therefore I am busy... I prefer to maximize my sleep in the morning (I get up at 6.30AM for my day job and out the door at 7.15AM), I only realistically have 30 minutes to get ready. Which means unlike a lot of other bloggers, I don't go through the whole cleansing and multiple serums and essences and etc. before I put make up on (and by the way, your skin needs a little time for skincare products to sink in first before you apply make up or chances of your makeup sliding is pretty high. Personal experience....)

My day to day AM routine from when I wake up to out the door consists of: 1) getting up; 2) brushing teeth; 3) AM skincare; 4) changing clothes; 5) daily makeup; 6) straightening hair. So really, I only have 5 minutes for each task if I want everything done in 30 minutes, and thus keep my morning skincare really simple, yet effective.


Unlike many, I don't use a face wash in the morning, nor do I layer serums on my face (occasionally I will use hyaluronic acid, but that is about it) because:

  1. washing in the morning tends to strip my face of natural oils and moisture that I prefer to stay there for the time being. This may not apply for you but because of how my skin is, I tend to be careful about over-cleansing my face.
  2. layering on multiple serums makes it difficult for my skin to have makeup applied and to be absorbed; I have previously had issues with my makeup pilling as well because of the different textures and ingredients that didn't mesh with my foundation, and other products didn't go on as well as they should.
  3. I have no time.

Therefore, my AM routine only consists of the following:

  1. Cleansing: Micellar Water/cleansing water
    Whilst I am not a fan of micellar water for the purpose of evening cleansing/makeup removing, I do like using it for morning cleansing to get rid of all the dust and dirt and any excess oil on my face throughout the night. This is super quick and easy and does the job well (for me anyway)

    I am using: Uriage Thermal Micellar Water - found this at TK Maxx and enjoying it. Contrary to the trend, I detest the Garnier micellar water and only use it because it comes in a small bottle which I can bring to the gym. Once that's finished, I am replacing all that stuff with other cleansing water...! Just cannot get along with it. And Bioderma hasn't worked for me previously.
  2. Toning: Toner
    After cleansing, always put moisture back on my face and again, quick and easy. If your skin feels a bit dry - mine does with the cold weather - I will use 3 layers of toner to rehydrate my skin without layering on a lot of products. My skin usually bounces back to being hydrated and soft

    I am using: PyunKang Yul Essence Toner. I really want to love this like everyone else does, but I'm 2 minds about this. This has been okay, but it hasn't been amazing like the world raves. I do like it, especially when the texture is thicker than normal toners, and it basically has no water in it, which is great for hydration. Perhaps my skin is more dehydrated than before, but I don't feel like this lived up to the expectations I have for it, however I am pleased about the price point of this product because if you do want a thicker toner, this would be great if you don't want to splurge on Whamisa
  3. Eyes: Eye cream
    Occasionally I skip this step too, but as we age, the skin under the eyes tend to be bit drier than the rest, not to mention this patch of skin is also thinner so I would highly recommend you target this area on a daily basis as a preventative measure

    I am using: Skin Peptoxyl Matryixyl 3000. This has got some great ingredients like Niacinimide, bark extract, nut oils and tea extracts. I bought this in a local chain drugstore (SaSa) in Hong Kong a long time ago and only when I religiously use it every morning have I almost finish using it.
  4. Moisturise & SPF: Sun cream, ideally water-based, or good moisturiser and SPF in foundation
    Final step of the routine, to lock everything in. A well moisturised and protected face is important before you head outside. I (almost) never leave home without SPF because of how paranoid I am about skin damage, sun spots, freckles and etc

    I am using: Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence SPF 50+ PA++++
    This has such a great texture, non-greasy so my makeup sits more than comfortably on top. Plus it's got a high SPF and PA++++ a, great for sun protection!

    Also using:Huxley More than moist moisturiser (Oh. My. God. So much love for this right now)
    Occasionally I forget that I have sunscreen (my foundation is SPF15) and I use this as a base. This has been absolutely an amazing product that keeps the skin so soft and supple without the grease despite the thick texture

That's it. 4 steps. Occasionally 3 if I skip the eye cream unintentionally. I will then get changed in order to strategically let the products sink in before makeup application. I don't know about you, but if I try to apply any makeup when the skincare hasn't sunken in yet, it's incredibly hard for me to apply and eventually have to resort to just remove everything and start over. Changing clothes gives the minimal amount of product sink into the skin for a good base. I would recommend using effective products so you don't need to wait forever for everything to sink in.

In a nutshell, this routine is not only great for lazy/busy people, it's also great as a prep for daily makeup and not burdening your skin in the morning with a lot of product. Don't get me wrong though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using multiple products in the morning and I'm sure that a lot of products are highly effective without affecting makeup. This is really for me because of how well I know my skin - I've tried having serums and other products on before makeup and makeup hasn't gone on well or have pilled.

Also, again, in order to maximize sleep, I no longer have time to complete a routine that is longer than this!

What is your morning routine like? How early do you wake up in order to do your morning routine? Would you try this?

#9: Skin Edit - May Empties

Is it too early to post an "empties" post or is it the right time....? Either way, I thought I would do this first before my YesStyle Haul with the timing and everything. 

Gotta love how un-glam they look after using them for a while! Almost like they've got wear and tear on packaging since I've started using them!

Gotta love how un-glam they look after using them for a while! Almost like they've got wear and tear on packaging since I've started using them!

That's quite a lot of product I've managed to empty this month! I've actually used all of these for at least 3-4 months or so, with the exception of the Honey Pudding Cream, which I will come to talk about in a bit.

1. Heimish All Clean Balm

Honestly one of my favourite cleansing balm of all times. I'm so sad to have emptied this, but it's been a good run with my heavy makeup from photoshoots and general first step cleansing. Just removes all the oil and dirt that tends to cling on to your face. I don't think I can say enough good things about this balm, but I won't go on about that here as I've written a post about this already :) I haven't repurchased this as I actually have another balm cleanser from SaSa that I need to use and so far have been loving that too!

2. Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk Argan Oil Steam Cream

My absolute favourite moisturiser ever. EVER. I've actually used up TWO of these tubs this year because I literally use this moisturiser for day AND night. This has got to be one of the most perfect moisturisers for my face and I am honestly so sad that I haven't been able to repurchase it! I've spoken about this product before and whilst I totally love this, with the spirit of a (wannabe) beauty blogger, I am more inclined to try other products out. One of which would be the steam cream from SteamCream.com. If you've tried this already, let me know your thoughts!

3. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Pudding Cream

So earlier on this month, yes THIS month, I've unboxed this and started using it. And I've actually finished using it. Emptied. Not because I loved it, but because it was kinda necessary for me to use so much of it. This is a relatively thin "cream", even when on the skin it feels like an oil based moisturiser, it doesn't actually keep the skin moisturised as well as other moisturisers do. My skin is oily and dehydrated and so I found that I had to use more of it for my skin to feel like it's nourished and hydrated enough, and it still doesn't last through the night. I've tested this without the water mask (that helps maintaining moisture) and within a couple of hours I feel like I want another layer on. If you have dry skin, you might need to use more in terms of layers of this "cream". I really want to like this product, because I do feel that it goes on really lovely on the skin and the skin looks so dewy after application, but it just doesn't last and that really is a shame! My next moisturiser I had in stock is a horse oil one - This isn't everyone's cup of tea but I've used a couple of similar products before and it's worked so well on my skin.

4. The Ordinary Hylauronic Acid & Niacinamide

Used til the LAST DROP, and repurchased before they ran out, thank goodness for that! I've included description and my thoughts about these products in my Deciem Haul post, go check it out! These 2 have been essentials in my routine since the day I got them!

There you have it, empties of the month. Have you emptied anything this month and what will you be purchasing or repurchasing?

#3: Skin Edit - Evening "lock in" products

I don't know about you but I love evening skincare routines. It helps me winds down and because you will be heading to bed soon, it means that as your skin rests it will also absorb different products layered on throughout the night and you wake up to better skin (or eventually wake up to better skin). Some products only should be applied in the evening, e.g. vitamin C, and you can layer on more products in the evening than the morning because you're not going out and feeling like you've got a ton of skincare on your face. Of course this is just a personal preference! 

I find "locking in" the products you've layered on in your routine in the evening is super important, so everything stays on the skin until they're all absorbed throughout the night. It's also important for those who sleep in air conditioning or colder places as your skin can dehydrate throughout the night. When I lived in Asia, I had to make sure I layer on enough moisturising products on my face in the evening - in the summer - to make sure I don't wake up with super dehydrated skin.

Here are a couple of products I've been using over the past few months to help me "lock in" everything I layered on to my skin in my evening routine. First is a moisturiser and second a sleeping mask to lock everything (including the moisturiser) in.

1. Skin Ceramic Argan OIl & Donkey Milk Steam Cream

I think I've hit a jackpot with moisturisers here. Honestly when I first got this I wasn't expecting this to work as well as I thought it would - but I was so wrong. I had 2 tubs of this as part of a deal on Sasa.com and bought them for a fraction of the original price and I've been in love with this product ever since first use.

My favourite thing about this stem cream is the texture. Oh it's so glorious! They used steam heating to mix both oil and water together and creating a soft and light texture, but don't let that fool you - the hydrating quality of this cream is just as effective as other night creams, without the heaviness to it! It's also so much easier to be absorbed into the skin because of its texture - tip: warm product between fingers/hands prior to applying to make it easier to be absorbed; I've found that applying with cold fingers on cold skin makes products generally harder to penetrate. I also have sensitive skin and heavier moisturisers can cause some grief to my skin, but this is the perfect solution to that.  This product is also multi-functional so you can also use it on other parts of the body (and apparently hair!), but it will run out a little faster ;)

I actually use this product for day time too because of how light it is and needless to say I love it so much - it's now literally the only moisturiser I use in the cream part of my skin care routines. Sadly I am running low and almost hitting bottom of this second tub that I have, but I haven't been able to buy it again on Sasa.com. Sad times, but I do have other moisturisers to try out next (also k-beauty products) which I am really looking forward to. I've also come across a UK steam cream company/brand STEAMCREAM that I will definitely try at some point. If you've already tried this let me know what you think!


2. Goodal Waterest Vital Sleeping Pack

Usually my routine ends with moisturiser, but lately I've been loving using a sleeping mask on top of the moisturiser (last step of the routine, I promise) to really lock everything in and reap in the benefits of the sleeping mask.

Honestly I've never really liked sleeping mask - I used to use Vichy - because of how weird they make my skin feel and how it goes on to literally everything while I sleep. It's really not pretty haha. That being said I'm happy that I've opened up to sleeping mask again - to right ones, just to clarify! - because this one has been doing me a lot of favours throughout the night.

Goodal is another brand that I stumbled upon when I was living in Asia and I am absolutely gutted that I can't have easy access to them on the sites that I use in the UK to buy my K-Beauty/Asian beauty products - again, I got it from Sasa.com and they haven't stocked it to ship to UK since. I first came across their eye/lip makeup remover and hands down it's my absolute favourite eye/lip remover. Super gentle to the eyes but so damn effective.

Anywway, this brand is pretty well known for its fermentation and hydration properties in their products, which is so up my street because if there is anything I will preach about, it's skin hydration. This sleeping mask is lightweight and you can just apply it like a gel/cream all over your face, or you can layer it on thick and then wash off later. I'm a lazy person I go for the prior option and keep my hair off before I go to bed so make sure everything is absorbed in so nothing smears on my pillow cases and etc. When I'm too tired or letting my skin take a break from face mask I would use this sleeping mask too so I feel like I still got my mask treatment in.

This mask sits really well on top of the skin and gradually gets absorbed in; as with all sleeping masks you'll feel like there's a layer of cling film on your face, but it certainly isn't as sticky as some of the other ones I've used. I wake up with skin not feeling dehydrated at all but there will still be a little residue that gets removed when I splash my face with water and wipe with miscellar water and toner. 

So there it is, my 2 current favourite products for the last steps of my skin care routine currently. Have you used either of them and what do you think?

Disclaimer: all products have been purchased by me, no sponsored content and whilst these products worked for me, it doesn't necessarily work for you.