#21 - Makeup Edit - Reusing liquid eyeliner

It's not what it seems, and this will be quick.

Have you ever had liquid eyeliners which you just love because the brush just works for you? I have. And it pains me when the eyeliner dries out and I have to throw it away. Until I have accidentally kept a dried up eyeliner in the bathroom and was too lazy to go to the bedroom to grab an eyeliner brush to draw....eyeliner.


  1. dried up liquid liner with synthetic brush tip that you like
  2. gel liner

Literally, that's it: dip your brush in your preferred gel liner and apply as you would do with it. It's no different from using a normal brush, but personally using this method means I have better control with this brush over the other eyeliner brushes I have. Muscle memory in drawing eyeliner is one of the keys to good eyelining and it's always difficult to get used to a new eyeliner brush.

Final tip: please clean your brushes

Chance are that in using this eyeliner for already an extended period of time so it's always a good idea to clean it first before dipping into the gel liner (unfortunately I realised this after I dipped it in). Regardless of what you use, make sure you are happy with the cleaniness of it and I would avoid using it on other people unless it's been disinfected.

That's it for today, quick one as have been busy - how do people balance this whole full time job and blogging? I'm already stuck on what to post next - if anyone has any suggestions, please shoot my way :)