#13: Skin Edit - I converted to Brow Threading

Brows. We all want them to be "on fleek" these days and go distance to achieve that.

Now, I've been blessed with enough hairs on my brows with a good enough shape that I like and don't need to change it. Below are my brows when they've grown out. You can see the hairs on the lids, on the top, in the middle (dangers of becoming a uni-brow if it is any thicker!)

Now, I've had my brows threaded and have been going to have it done for over a year now so as it grows out, it maintains the shape over time. That being said, my brows have been pretty consistent in shape over the years as I have never risked doing anything to them apart from plucking the stray hairs.

Can I tell you something about plucking? It really hurts, especially when you pinch your lids. When I first started plucking my brows as a teenager, I would dread it all the time (I still do as an adult) because I'm clumsy and pinch my own skin and then my eyes tear up. Also I've had times where I've over plucked them and was close to being mortified at what I've done.

There are other ways of removing eyebrow hair - brow razor, scissors, wax.... but I went with threading, something that I have to pay someone to do. Being stingy, at first I was like, I'll give this a go, why would I want to pay someone to do something I can already do on my own?

It's really one of those things that you have to try it to believe it. When I went in the salon for a haircut, the person there gave me a trial of the brow threading (free of charge) to see what it's like and I was sold, and have been giving brow biz to them ever since! Check out my brows after threading below and read what to expect from brow threading and why I like brow threading.

What to expect from brow threading:

  1. helping out: the person will be using both her hands and her mouth to thread your brows, so unless she grows out another pair of arms & hands, expect to stretch out your skin appropriately for best brow threading results
  2. tingling/minimal pain: honestly for me, brow threading hurt less than plucking my brows. It's a swift movement that removes a lot more hairs than plucking. Nonetheless, if you are not used to removing your brows this way (like if you prefer shaving with a blade) you may experience a little discomfort during and after
  3. voice out your preferred brows: they will shape it accordingly. I always went with my natural brow shape because I liked it, but I've seen others have skinnier brows or more stream lined or arched brows. Your brow person may not suggest you to have certain brows because they will look horrendous; take in the opinion and make the final decision. We don't necessarily look at our brows objectively and these people have seen a lot of brows
  4. It will feel a little weird: it just will. Maybe.
  5. You'll get soothing aloe vera gel after: this depends on what the salon does, mine uses an aloe vera gel afterwards to sooth the irritated skin from the threading (which is essentially a lot of plucking). If they don't apply this, don't go back to them, and/or use your preferred aftercare product

Why I like brow threading

  1. Chances of me getting even brows are higher: being clumsy doesn't help me with trying to pluck my brows evenly. I don't look at my brows the same way brow people do, so I have my faith in them
  2. Eventually my brows get into a better shape: my brows are slightly different from my original teenage brows, and over time with threading (and the occasional plucking when I can't be bothered to go out to get them done) have put my brows in a better shape than they have been as the "lines" are smoother and you can see where your brows are meant to be
  3. Less pain than plucking: no joke. I far prefer them threading my brows (and face) than plucking myself. One or 2 stray hairs I can handle, the brows though? I'd leave it with a professional and because it's really unlikely that the threads will pinch the skin, the feeling is just the act of plucking (very quickly)
  4. So clean: my brow lady does a much better job at cleaning up the brow and eye area than me. The lids get done as well, plus some of the forehead, the space between the 2 brows, the sides. Cleaner than I will ever achieve had I try to do it myself
  5. Don't have to do it frequently: okay, so here's the thing, I can get lazy. If my brows having grown out massively I won't get them done. As such, I probably do it once a month or once every couple of months....but here's the thing, my brows would still look relatively okay during this regrowth period. Hmmm maybe this is down to my own brows rather than actual threading.... 

There you have it - do you get your brows threaded? How else do you get them done? How do you feel about brow threading?