#18 - Makeup Edit - NARS everything

So today will be a little different! A couple weeks ago the Global Artist at NARS invited me on to her channel to demo a makeup look and honestly I am SO in love with this look. No joke. In fact, when I went home I took an endless stream of selfies (a little unfocused as you well see because I'm actually terrible at selfies) which I will share at the end of this post. 

Here's the tutorial, using all NARS, naturally

As someone with really dry lips, my first major concern is truly how drying the formula is and no joke, I've used some matte liquid lipsticks that have thoroughly dried my lips out. Good prep for liquid lipsticks is a no brainer, but these NARS ones are packed with pigment, with a good applicator that isn't a giant sponge (I use a lip brush usually) and doesn't dry your lips out (at least not that quickly though).

This ombre lip is just gorgeous - super wearable and the combination of colours are endless too. Obviously you don't have to get NARS everything - I would adapt it to a different, drugstore, makeup brand. I would, however, definitely get a good colour from NARS eventually as a treat! It would be a black, purple, or brown... or all three.

It's been hectic lately with a few things going on, just one of those days that you just get everything bombarded on to you in a short period of time. Shame it ain't makeup or skincare products though! 

Anyway, keeping this short and sweet, and also ending with my face. Like you haven't had enough already. I haven't put these through any mobile app processing, the only blur that exists comes from my incapability of taking selfies.

That lip tho.