Every skin has a story. Your skin is a byproduct of your nature and nurture and constantly changing. If you've never cared about it much because you've been blessed with good skin, you should work to maintain it. If, like me, you haven't been blessed with pore-less porcelain complexion, you'll be looking everywhere for a solution.

It all began when my makeup application was so bad my mother told me to pay someone to do my makeup. That curiosity grew and grew and eventually all the problems in my skin emerged. I don't have the scientific knowledge and I am constantly learning from those who do (and you should too!), so you'll find me making educated guesses and through trial and error try different products that will hopefully one day "fix" my skin. 

Welcome to my blog - words by a beauty model trying to preserve youth, improve her skin and gradually became obsessed with everything beauty related. I mean, I just want good skin, is that really too much to ask for? 

Skin type: sensitive, combination/oily, acne prone

It's easier to feel confident when you have good skin. Having good skin is the basis of good makeup.