#23 - Beauty Edit - Subscription Box Upscaling

Subscription boxes should be no surprise for beauty addicts and hoarders. I am both and I was subscribed to Glossy Box.

Being a hoarder in general, it also means I keep all the boxes.... including the ones that these boxes get shipped in - the box of the box. When you have a certain number of boxes lying around, you start thinking what you can do about them.

Most of the boxes I have I've already sorted my unnecessarily large collection of makeup (for a normal person, not makeup artist or blogger) and beauty products in. The box of the boxes I've managed to throw away a few but have used other for storage as well - they really do come in handy.

One of the boxes I've used for my ever growing brush collection and every time I have to look for my brushes I have to scramble around for ages. If only I had separators in these boxes.... so I made a couple out of the box of the box. This is still really preliminary/experimental but it's worked so far and I've been far too lazy to really make it pretty. If that's what you're looking for, take this as a base and take it further.

1. Decide how many you need

I wanted to have 3 different categories - large, face brushes, medium eyeshadow and blending brushes, and smaller, leaner eye and lip brushes.

2. Measure

You could measure it out with a ruler, but I measured it with the box. Because I'm lazy like that. 

3. Trim.

You have noticed that I've left the flaps there - the first time I've done this without the flaps, I found it a little difficult to make the piece the perfect size for the box and so it kept falling over. With this it means that even if I have measured it a little smaller, there is still room to extend it a little and sit more snug in the box. Trim the excess edges and check that it fits okay. Shorter/longer is up to you

3. Keep Trimming

Chances are these pieces don't fit exactly in the box, so whatever that is too large, keep trimming. It's only when your piece is too small that we really have a problem and I'd rather trim down than try to fix a piece that is too small

4. Rinse and Repeat, then check that it fits

Do it again for how many pieces you need for the box. I did it again so I have 3 compartments. You can also tailor these pieces' sizes and shape according to your needs. Then put in brushes according to your own organisational mind and tada. It's really that easy.

And that's it, you're done!

How would you comparmentalise these boxes to suit yourself? Share your organisational ideas with me - always need in need of some!