#11: Makeup Edit - Using products from YesStyle Haul

So my last blog post was on all the products I've gotten from YesStyle (who are still doing sales at the moment!), and with so many makeup products actually being my staple products, I decided that I'd do my first video on using most of the makeup products (close to all, really) to create an everyday look.

When it comes to everyday, I've developed my go-to look into something that doesn't require brushes (just a sponge for foundation and the brush that comes with the eyebrow pencil), so my face is ready in 20 minutes. Once you get into a routine/habit of doing the same stuff, any variation that still uses the same technique will fall into place anyway and it will be a quick but nice look to go out in.

You are free to stop at any point, I've added more products to the look to amp it up (also attempt to use all of them), but it still stays as more of a "day time" look. Without further ado, video is below:

There you have it! Hope this was enjoyable and helpful in some way! I'm not ready for voiceover yet, but maybe in the future, so bear with the text for the time being :)